Care bears love

I made these cushions covers for my friends new flat, I kind of want to keep them for myself now boohooo! I used to looove the carebears, they are bears that care - what is there not to love!

Also check out my beautiful charity shop find of the year and it was £5. It makes me happy.


snow 2

More snowish pics, when will all this crazy weather stop!? And check out my sisters 80s gear haha! The blue suit in particular was a favourite of mine when I was a kid teehee!



Rowan from Kitschensink blogged about me which is always nice. Go check it out here

If you haven't come across her blog before, it is one to keep an eye on as she is on my 'must read daily' lists, her blogging style is very personal & warm with added colour & funness <--- this should be a real life word.

Also a friend of mine has joined the blogging world yaay! She even mentioned me here & she is a very talented funny lady & her name is Julia de Clerk.

In other news well I am currently ebaying my life away. It is quite exhausting & boring but like that advert says 'every little helps' *pats bum* & in a lot of ways quite cleansing to rid myself of baggage so need to just get on with it meeh.



Today was fan-sexy-tastic, I was told it was going to snow but I forgot so I literally yelped when I saw this! 

We made a snowman, had a snow fight, snow wrestle & snow angels! 


near the end

Before leaving London we took a brief tour of London, we went to see ben (the big kind), the eye, national gallery, china town & walked along the south bank for what felt like hours, it's soo pretty at night time! Definitely good date material spots! 

I couldn't get very interesting photos of Trafalgar square then I saw this amazing model of the whole surrounding area of National Gallery. It was wowsers.

And who can resist 40% off sushi hmm? 

who had the most amazing wallpaper

Moving phase 2

A touch better but this is after lots of selling & giving & charity shopping & any eagle eyed female will probably notice there is no wardrobe so I'm cheating as all of my clothes are in *cough*.... another room. 

I like living at home, apart from the excessive 'can we play now' from 7 year olds, it's pretty cosy. niice

oooh we have booked our tickets, We are flying 2nd March & not returning at all till 9 months later which makes me feel homesick. not niice. Whether the 9 months will be final or just a visit is yet to decided! 


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