Travelling essentials

Shot an hour before leaving, made me really excited!
If you go to flickr you can see my notes of the contents :D

eeeee !


We're all going on a summmmer holiday

Going to be away for a week as of tomorrow because its our birthdays (1 year & 4 days apart!) and originally he was going to take me to Phuket or somewhere beachy but I declined based on
1) increasing fear of flying
2) wanted to go somewhere new (last 2 trips were to Thailand)
3) living near the sea has striped away some of the attraction of a beach type holiday (although they are hardly comparable because the beach nearby ain't exactly fannytastic)....

SO we instead got ourselves visas (£120ish - ouch!) to go to China because we can get a choo choo there, I'm excited but nervous because I've never been on a sleeper before, I'm hoping we won't be put in a cabin with smelly, snoring, space invading men and I've been told they play annoying music throughout the train hmmm need to get some ear plugs...

Well looking forward to a week of abnormality without technology, just essentials plus some playtools - travel scrabble, some dicey word game, books & sketchbook.

We are planning to go to Guilin & Yangshuo via Shenzen then to Guanzhou before heading home but we'll see how that goes because you can't buy the train tickets in advance in Hong Kong so relying on the hope it won't be booked up !


Pika Package sneak peak!

I've finished all of the artwork for my contribution towards the 'Go Travel' Pika Package project and hopefully will have the product finished in hand by tomorrow, I am pretty excited about this one!


Today I decided to do a daily doodle, just anything once a day to get myself drawing and enjoying it again. I want to break down that wall where I feel like everything I draw needs to be final, for a specific cause or reason, hopefully through doodling more I'll develop more of a consistent style because I'm a little all-over-the-place right now.

I've also been thinking of scrapping all of my greeting cards and button badges and discontinuing them to make myself more streamlined and focus on my other products, less is more and quality not quantity yada yada but I'm not sure so doing a doodle a day might help me decide...maybe!

I won't be uploading the doodles here everyday, that might be tedious to some blog readers but I will be uploading them to my Flickr and Tweet them so those interested can follow them there and if anyone wants to join in just tag them #dailydoodle !


a recent commision

AiChihuahua !

I know they have a bad reputation for being annoyingly yappy and snooty but when I am ready to get my own dog I want a Chihuahua and hope it will be as nice as the one I just looked after!
It was amazing, like having a cat / rabbit but with the personality of a dog ♥


New stockist - Cherry Cherry

A lovely new stockist in Norwich and my first retail shop in the UK !

And look how super cute the shop is ! (Facebook, Website, Blog)


through the twitter grapevine

I discovered this Tate Modern project via twitterland where you basically send an empty envelope or package and they will display them unopened in the turbine hall !
So I'm doing it, just so I can say 'oh yes I've exhibited in Tate Modern oh yes' and generally be art fancy. Read more about it here.

Another project I'm doing is the 'Pika Package'. Aimed at artists and illustrators where we send stuff to each other in a random swap with some swag bags being sold or put into giveaways etc
What a snazzy idea! I love it! It does cost but only $25 and you get to advertise on Pikaland for that cost too so pretty bargainous for the fun + exposure + random pretty stuff posted to your door, I'm doing the 'Go Travel' theme and I have a month to get together 10 things !


Bling Bling Bling

Approaching entirely new territory here but I've been doodling up a new range of screen printed wearable pieces and this is the first idea to wet my feet, see how it looked to open up more ideas etc but I'm pretty pleased with it!

Summer mode

New roomie for a little while


Problem solving DIY stylee

So sometimes things I make are too small or difficult to put a LC label on there and I know it doesn't NEED to have LC on there but to me it is important to have brand ownership on the things I've designed and made but anyway....I set about the problem and viola!
A bit of glue with a wooden disc plus some spare letters from a DIY stamp later later I have myself a tiny name stamp...oh and a chopstick as handle!

Doesn't come out too well on felt though, maybe better if I'd stamped it when the felt was flat instead of bumpy from the filling but happy with the first attempt.


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