Littleclouds is fully up & running again now, I sorted myself out technologically by buying a Macbook & it is just simply beautiful. I have feelings towards this macbook that I could only imagine similar to motherhood or Christmas in Lapland. 

Other than that I've been at my parents chilling with my homies & when I say homies I mean 6 year old girls intent on playing hide & seek EVERY 5 mins, we made badges, we made snowmen, sausage dogs, dog poo out of clay & did face painting. 

Yes I know, my multi talentedness astounds me too :)


Sept Blog Winner!

I had decided to use the never fail, old-skool technique of pulling the winner out of a hat way of choosing my Sept winner.

Here are all the participant names pre-rolling up into little balls

Here is me choosing the winner, I REALLY wanted to add a drum roll here but I don't have a pet monkey nor the patience or skill to acquire the sounds elsewhere.

....and the winner is

Charlotte Tolstén !

Charlotte, please email me at Meow@Littleclouds.co.uk with your full address so I can get Gemma on her way to you....she is veeery excited !


You know your a geek when no internet leaves you anxious

arghhhh I am the most stupid person in the WORLD!

I basically welcomed a virus onto my PC with open arms so now it's still midst fixage but luckily we live in a world where your friends have PCs so am not completely out of the loop.

So SO SO SO SO utterly annoyed with myself, as I literally was going to back up all my files just before the virus attacked so now I don't know how much or if any data is lost, the work I've slaved over is one thing (all those vector files) but it is mainly the photos I want to cry over.

Please boys & girls, do not EVER EVER open random emails/attachments even if you are incredibly bored & curious, it just ain't worth it.


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