New monoprints

This one is my favourite out of the 'randoms' monoprint series I did last week, it's probably not really like what I normally do but I love shapes!
And here are some worried eyes

Also I sold my "I Love POO" card to a lady in America & my Butterflies of Love card to a lady in London today

Yay for POO & Butterflies ! haha!


Silly hot

Today is soo hot that even my PC sounds like it's gasping for air BUT despite this, I've been working loads, I don't know how I manage it or unmanage it but I seem to endlessly work but don't feel like I produce much, I swear lapses of time just flicker through without me noticing.

Anyway scanned in some drawings I did the other day & this one is definately my favourite

Tee hee! That is meant to be a fan by the way, my boyfriend thought it was a Ping Pong bat.

Both are amusing to me!


Today I held my first proper market stall....

........and it wasn't great :(

I pretty much only just covered my table costs so felt a bit disheartened about it, I don't think it was my kind of crowd, mostly older adults who were looking for pretty jewellery or antiques, not a cushion with a rude bum sewn on it!

It was good practice though, from it I know that

♥ I didn't have enough stock
♥ I need a different way to display my cards as they were overlooked
♥ Need to create more depth with different heights & make use of the walls
♥ TURN UP EARLY to get a better pitch as I was late
♥ people like squishy things, draws them in
Must be friendlier next time

The last point is a bit of pickle. You see I am a friendly person, I just feel conscious that I'm being nice to get someone to buy something, ie false nice & I hate that. Also I personally don't like to be buttered up when I look at stuff, its what puts me off from even looking! But thats not to say I should do the opposite which is pretty much say nothing! However my last thought of this is - I figure that if someone likes something then they will buy it, they shouldn't need persuasion but apparently I'm naive in thinking this. Business is business I'm told.
Some good things did come out of it, the organiser personally asked me to come back on a weekend & to help offered cheaper pitch costs so that was nice but will see how that goes as although it is a great market, it might still be too familyesque for me, even on a weekend.
I did do some pretty cool drawings too, I think my drawing is coming on a bit.

Till next time


cassette image ready for screenprint

Yes I know it's been done before many times over BUT there's a reason & that's because they're sooo cool, the cassette has to be one of the designs that will never die out. I've already burned the below image onto a silkscreen so just waiting for me to print, also have a new character design burned onto a screen too which if all goes well will be be made into dolls.


Shrinkles & whatnot

A batch of shrinkles! Quite please that they pretty much all came out fine bar 1 or 2 where they curled funny. I LOVE shrink plastic, it's SO clever!

Today aswell as gluing the broochbacks on these babies I WILL screenprint up some new designs & I WILL finish the fabric for my stall table!

Also check out my cash box, my boyfriend got me it, it's sooo cute!

Going to make a 'Comments' book too in the same stylee as my cashbook hehe I love little cute things like that, just makes me smile!


This week I WILL be holding the first Littleclouds stall

*cue the trumpets*

I have done similar things before in my youth but this time is more "proper" so there is a lot to be done still so I gotta get a-cracking.

I finally finished making my sign ---->

But I still like the 'old' one which is probably more professional as it's all shiny & plastic but it's so much smaller & maybe too flashy for me

A few have suggested using both but I thought this might be too much 'ME ME ME' in your face.... what to do!?

The beginning


Littleclouds is a one person project where I basically draw things, giggle a bit then make some other things, draw some more, maybe have a egg sandwich with cup of tea & eventually sell them. Not the sandwich although I am open to offers on this.

This blog WILL be upkept! I must admit this is my 5th attempt & I've only ever got as far as 3 entries but this time it is different. Why? because it is !

Please feel free to leave comments as this will really help me keep going at this & also it will make me feel less like I'm talking to myself :D


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