Craftwerk part 2 - PHOTOS

As promised, mine is on the right hand side! I shared with a friend but decided to use our own fabrics which happens to be opposites but I think it works well !

And a random photos of a really cute doggy that was there, it had a really cute face!


Craft Fair part 1

Sunday was great! 

So much fun & I made more monies than I thought I would which is nice & met some lovely people & ate waaay too many sweets but I did have a headache by end of day which was partly due to a day of over excitedness (it takes it toll you know!) mixed with the fact we were next to the music speakers (we were late so I considered it well deserved punishment!) which every now & again played that Alvin & the Chipmunks song which is perhaps...no IS THE MOST annoying xmas song EVER! 

I had such a pain in the bum journey there too :( I could go on & on & on about how poop the DLR is too (it took me 2.5 hours to get home Monday night!) but I won't because this post is about


So much stuff is happening I feel overwhelmed, everything in the last few weeks has gone so smoothly its lush!  

Photos tomorrow! 


Paper N Stitch

Today the 2nd Paper N Stitch exhibition opened & I am one of the participants! This is what it says on their 'about page' 

"Paper N Stitch is an online exhibition space that was created to promote talented artists, designers, makers selling handmade goods, and independent boutiques. The exhibition space is curated monthly and showcases the best of the best on an international level."

I like the last sentence best, anything with 'international' sounds fancy to me. I am simple like that :)

In today news, I am going to an Arts & Crafts market to gain inspiration/kick up the butt to get moving & thinking about our displaying skills for the craftwerk & WeMakeLondon shows because so far I have a sign & a few mismatched baskets! 


Exciting news revealed!


Littleclouds has a new stock list in the shape of SuperJUJU, a super cute boutique in Stuttgart, Germany, you can visit their website here.



We Make London craft show

Lucky me managed to get a spot at WeMakeLondon craft extravaganza because someone dropped out! I'm excited about this one in particular because I tried to participate at their summer one but the places fill up quick & I'm slowww

Sat 6th December 08 11am - 5pm
The American Church
79a Tottenham Court Road

Come come come!  

wooo me!

I found myself briefly on the front page of Dawanda the other day! This is exciting because they've recently changed how their front page works & basically it's now curated so that's nice :)


ahhh MOO cards!

I got my MOO cards ! They've arrived yay! The first batch got lost boo!

I'm really happy with them, the quality is pretty good, I feel like chucking them in the air & then rolling around in them like you do when your little with monopoly money but I won't because I am too old for stuff like that :(

If anyone is interested they gave me a 15% off voucher code for people with their first order! 


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