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The last few weeks have been pretty up and down.
Rex got put down really suddenly because of his on g
oing toilet problems, I still feel so sad about it and can't think about it for long.
I know he wasn't officially *my* dog but I guess after 6 months of looking after the pooch you get really attached, I still can't look at the floor without imagining him looking at me or put my key in the front door without imagining his door scratches. Its just so sad, he was such a lovely lovely lovely little pooch and as my first dog owning experience it feels pretty burnt.

And then after 1 day of having this happen I had friends coming from the UK to visit us so we didn't have long to 'get over it' & get it together somewhat, because we didn't want to affect their trip here.
Despite the sad news, we all had an amazing time & did so so much in 10 days, the highlight for everyone I think was biking on Mui Wo island, up hills discovering a secluded / hidden beach !
And then half way through the week I sort of became jobless in a undramatic & amicable way coinciding with my boyfriends new job which is luckily a good position so yep it has indeedy been a up and down month!

Some photos to aid the visuals


some new products

Currently only listed up on my Etsy.

SoHo festie photos

A little late but better than never, some photos of the Soho carnival, more here.


Phew !

The Soho festival was fuuun, I didn't expect the epic level of carnival style entertainment, jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, bands, clowns & lots of happy kids running around with animal balloons, all that was missing was a fire breather type person !
I never thought of myself as a carnie but I totally loved all of it!
One juggler guy was flown in from Las Vegas! Just imagine how interesting the life of a internationally renowned juggler must be :D

I sold okay but not as well as normal, my table felt a bit bare, I thought I had loads but once stuff was on the big table I realised I hadn't so that is a lesson learned.
I did get approached by 2 Hong Kong shops to carry my stuff so when I have time I'm going to check those out, would be nice to see my things in the shops rather than photos !

I am so tired now and my back hurts a lot from making badges with lots of kids (and a few adults) it was really nice seeing these kids faces light up when their badges came out, some of them were so awesome I really regret not taking a photo of each & every badge made but I just had no time.

Today will be spent tidying, cleaning & preparing for some friends who are visiting from the UK, needless to say I am cursing every unpractical / useless but impossibly lovely item I have.

Some carnival photos laters....


Little finds - Eric Testroete

Photo and art piece by Eric Testroete

I think this deserves a mention.....originally made to be a halloween costume, I can imagine it used in eerie music videos or indie films or used in a photography exhibition, I would love to see this in real life, would be so freaky, like an abstract mind/eye trick. And made of paper too - amazing!


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