Out with the old, in with the new

I really love the notes here, so colourful and makes me feel rich because the denominations are so much higher, instead of a purse with £20, its more like $200 - Instantaneous wealth!

Above is the old and newer $10 notes, the new one (Purple/pink) is water and tear proof, coated in some sort of plastic so they last and don't get all scummy and crumpled like fivers - how cool is that? 


Nude Magazine - New stocklist


A while while ago at the Craftwerk fair, I sold quite a few of my cassette tape wallets, one to a photographer who has worked with the likes of Alexa Chung (so pretty she makes your teeth ache) and Amy winehouse (does anything really need to be said?) and one to an couple who later only turned out to be the editiors of NudeMagazine
It goes to show craft shows aren't just for the day, you never know where things can lead, I remember some bad bad shows where I made hardly anything but then I went home and I would get an email saying how much they love my work, I mean those kind of things can really make your day! 

Meet Bob

'Its just another hard day at the office' - Bob 

Bob is my local news agent dude, he is very grumpy (like most news agent owners) 
He doesn't like it when it rains because his newspapers get all wet and wet paper isn't nice to rest his tired head on.

Poor bob.

Flat View

Its been raining since I can remember here but it gives a nice break from the scorching heat although the humidity is still there (Its very English to start with the weather isn't it?) 

Photo was taken a few weeks ago near dusk, I looked out my window and thought 'woah' this is quite different to what I used to see, it's very odd to think how many people there are just within the 1 mile radius of me, the majority of people live towards the sky here, with some buildings having like 20 plus floors! The view is killer but you do not realise how annoying and time consuming it is to catch a lift. 

(The word 'catch' is the key there) 


Cool finds

Check out this cool lamp I got for my friends birthday! 

It was appropriately titled 'Naughty boy' on the box, made a beautiful glow too Teehee!


kitties lost now found

Today has been a good day. 

For the last week, maybe even 2 weeks I have been trying to get hold of a handy man to put shelves up for me. 
Why this is annoying is because all things DIY is totally bog standard in the UK, get  a drill, some screws fire away at the wall ! (DIY SOS is a good example of what I mean)
Here!? The walls are made of some fricking magical super
man strength concrete that only crazy giant drills can manage so it is very frustrating for me as a fairly competent DIYing female to have to wait around for a man to do my work. 

BUT $400 later they are up and all my little things from my UK shipping have made home there, it just makes me happy having all my bits with me, most of it isn't functional or functional things that I never use but they make me dream on. 

As its not 'quite there' yet I won't show any photos but check out these ceramic kitties I FOUND in this random bag of ceramics statues that was left in my flat, how lovely are these? 


Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a short 20 min animation detailing the journey of 'stuff' from extraction to disposal, very interesting and terrifying at the same time. To see it in black and white like this makes me shudder to realise how irresponsible humans are, we're killing ourselves here! 

Definitely makes me want to further Littleclouds in the most ethical way I can, Ideally I'd like to be able to source 2nd hand unwanted clothes and linen and turn this rubbish into sellable beautiful items, kind of like vintage clothes, so many beauties sitting dusty and unwanted, they just need a bit of cleaning, patching and 'realising' so its potential can shine out. 


Exciting thing number 2

A while ago I mentioned about something 'exciting' on the pipeline for Littleclouds and now I can reveal it to be a new stocklist!

Tschau Tschuessi are based in Leipzig, Germany and for those who dabble in the German langage you can visit their site by clicking on the above logo.
For the rest of us, here is a photo of their shop, doesn't it look cool?
In addition to this already awesomeness for me they also submitted some of my postcards in an gallery of contemporary art in Leipzig, Germany, how cool is that! If you want to check my postcards in action you can spot them on their blog here. They are in the middle of the first photo, the postcards displayed are purple and green - can you see it?
Well it seems to of been quite the while since I have last blogged and there is a reason! 
My Mac cable melted on me and the time it took to get fixed got me in the non-habit of blogging (you know how it is!)

Since my last blog there have been some exciting things that have happened, the biggest being the new addition to our 'family' in the cute cute cute shape of a Shih Tzu. 

Meet Rex.

We are his new foster parents, the poor guy was soo skinny when they rescued him from the government kennels they named him after Tyrannosaurus Rex as his spine is soo spikey, he also had some sort of stroke so his little mouth is a bit lopsided but I actually think it gives him a bit of character. 


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