Last night I couldn't sleep till 4am which has messed up my day today but it is gloriously sunny and clear enough to just see Lantau Island in the far distance, I love mountains but only combined with water so I'm very happy here!
And I caught a small whiff of salty sea which made me feel like a child at the seaside but minus the ice cream...hmm must sort that out.

Today I am finishing off some stockist restocks then off to the post office today but I came across this really inspiring article earlier today from Tara Gentile on this site called 'Dailyworth' which you should read! It makes you feel like anything is possible if you believe in yourself and have perseverance which feels quite liberating in many ways.


this and that and so on

Today it rained hard, quite violently for a little while and when it suddenly stopped I looked out the window to notice the clouds had fallen....

I wonder what its like to stand inside a cloud, okay I know its just misty looking as that is what its like inside a plane but I wonder what it feels and smells like. I love clouds they are magical.

And then I made something new from an old screen I burned yonks ago. The flowery lining fabric is from this little sewing/fabric shop I used to always go to in Lewisham, god seems so so so long ago now. nothing important & E M P T Y inside

And this was the last photo I took of Sausage before he left last weekend. I still really miss him and feel a little regretful that we didn't adopt him, he had these amazing soppy eyes that really tugged at your heart strings :(



So I haven't been very active recently Littleclouds wise, other than catching up with shop orders and some restocks I've been in a creative slump it feels like ages ago since I've had fun with a new design. Tis catch 22, the worry of not being productive doesn't make you more productive etc so today I'm going to kick back and draw for a bit, maybe just do some random screen printing and try not to think about all the niggles of the world.

In canine world news, Sausage has been adopted and is getting picked up this Saturday.... boooohooo ! This photo is him crying 'NOOOOOOOO' when I told him the news, oh and the recipe book behind him is Eggcellant! *boomboom*


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