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Blog Giveaway!
To celebrate my good moodness I want to give away a new character doll called Gemma to spread the goodness around :)
You can read more about Gemma here
To win her all you have to do is comment on this post (what you say is up to you! random is acceptable :D ) & I will pick a winner via the good ol method of drawing out of a hat come 18th of Sept.
If this goes well I might do one every month!


I do love to screenprint

Screenprinting is FUN! Everytime I lift up the screen & the print has come out well, you get this little feeling of 'YAY' inside & I find the more I print the better I become at it, which makes me worried about moving to Hong Kong next year as the only studio I can find isn't that great & is really expensive. I wish I could just take my home set up here over there :((((


NPG - Portrait awards 2008

Soo dissapointed that this didn't win, some amazing work there, imagine being able to paint like this.


My Mother-in-law, Anne, and her sister, Auntie Audrey

by Tony Noble

New items - Cassette tape card holders

okay not the most original of designs but they are soo fun!



Littleclouds has a new stocklist!

Oh yes you can now find Littleclouds goods also at http://www.allthingsoriginal.com/, a online boutique that showcases Independent British Designers & I'm one of them, very much feel like a small cloud mingling with the much bigger, fluffier clouds!


Sammy the Fairy - new character doll!

Meet Sammy, she is a fairy & like's to sing when she's not prancing around spreading fairy dust, in her mind she has the voice of an angel, in everybody elses mind she sounds like Barry White on Acid. Not good!



This pretty much sums up my thoughts when I'm working at my pt job

Have some more 'still life' doodles like the above, done mostly at work, just been feeling lazy this week, can't seem to settle to do anything :(



I've been asked to consign in a lovely boutique called OAK in Boston, USA, check them out here

Yay! I want to have LC goodies all over the world :)

What shall I send over hmm?

puppy brooch, screens, restlessness

I'm not allowed to have a real puppy so I made one
I've been taking him for walkies :D

Feeling pretty restless & bored today :( wanted to go swimming but it's 'ladies' evening or something today so can't go (because of my boyfriend not because I've changed into a man :P

Just burned these screens too, came out okay which is niiice


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