Is it normal?

IS it normal to get offered half price rugs by a 12 year old boy (on his own) at your door step on a Thursday afternoon??!

What is the world coming to ! 

It's that time of the year again for xmas cards !

All across the 'craft scene' people are preparing for xmas when summer hardly felt here but like normal I always bow down to peer pressure (hence the blog, hence the facebook, myspace & many other unused sites I've committed my email address to) so to contribute I made some xmas card designs in preparation for the craft event I'm attending. 

(Incase anyone was wondering, this was done by Linocut/blockprinting & it is a prussian blue on ivory card)


Just saw this beautiful, lovely, amazing piece of work by an artist called Sandy Smith. If my boyfriend made something like this for me, I think I would cry, why can't boys be this cute? 

Horse's head stuck in a tree...oh dear

Holy Jamoly

I can't believe it's already been a week since I last blogged, wow time goes soo quickly.
Every time I come to write something that is actually something to note down I forget what I wanted to say or even what I'm doing, this is why I never get anything done ! 

I do have one thing to share, it was perhaps the highlight of my week

Now before I possibly might offend any animal lovers, I want to clarify I found this funny not because of the pain the horse received (his jaw dislocated!) but just purely because...well look at it! it's visually a masterpiece! You can read more about it here


Princess cut out card

Okay listed a bit later than first agreed but I got distracted by 'The Office' (US version) by about 5 episodes. in a row! (Pam & Jim are quite adorable) 

Princess is the 2nd of a series of 'cut out cards' I already have the 3rd design in mind & let me geek you, it will be cute! 

Other news is I've got myself some Moo mini cards! I am mega excited about them but they won't arrive for nearly 2 weeks :( but when they arrive, I just know the quality will be good.


Craftwerk show

I have some possibly maybe semi exciting news hopefully soon but meanwhile....

I got invited to attend a Xmas stall holding event in November which is nice so if anyone is nearby come hither! 

And I've finally finished my 2nd installment of my 'Cut out card' series! 'Rockstar Boyfriend' was the first of it's kind

My latest is a little bit more pink! It is for the girlie in all of us (even the boys!) as I think every little girl at some point or another wanted to be a princess (or a vet which has now been upgraded to a kitty/puppy/panda keeper) All will be revealed Friday but here is la taster of things to come


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