DIY - Easy home made frozen yogurt popsicles

Yummy healthy alternative to an ice cream or ice lolly, if ya wanna get fancy, you can add blueberries or banana to the mix (properly mix it into the mixture to make it creamy). 

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Been 2 years since I last blogged but here I am...

Been 2 years since I last blogged but here I am trying to get into the blogging groove again and hopefully some of you are still around to be reading this....take 3 !
2 years on and what has happened...well a lot and in many ways not much.

I'm still in Hong Kong (who would of thought that 4 years ago!) and have made our flat ours in our own chaotic way. 
When we first bought the flat, the previous owners had painted the walls the nastiest orange and green you could imagine, and I'm talking ALL the walls, they had really random shelves all over the place and quite mismatched furniture including a proper piano, which sounds pretty cool, but it was WAY too much in such a small space so a lick of new paint, all feels good! 
Once I find some 'Before' photos, I will have to show you the difference a change in colour can make. 
Gorgeous view from the hut we stayed in on Nusa Lembongan
Since we've travelled to Taipei, Taiwan & more recently we went to Bali. Taiwan was a while ago now and my memory isn't too hot but I know I had a good time, was very interesting to see the differences between Hong Kong & Taipei, the biggest amazement was seeing people queue up in neat little lines to get onto the tube...now that I've never seen anywhere, not even in Japan.

Bali was a surprise holiday for me as I literally did not know where we were heading until I pushed my suitcase to the check in desk. Our 2 weeks there was perfection, from start to finish, was just fab and that is a word I use lightly.
One of my besties visiting us, posing with my monkey & man!
We've had quite a few visitors, some returning because they are super cool like that, and others for the first time and soon having my MIL visit if everything goes to plan (returnee). This awesome pic is from a boat trip we organised through this meet up group I occasionally frequent.

Oh and I have a new website through Shopify  which was the only platform that ticked all my boxes of 1) multiple currencies 2) easy to use 3) a proper content management system. My only problem with it is that it only has 100 products so I'm looking to change, if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!

I've started to work with acrylic and created 2 collections, the first being the +852 range, and more recently the 'Little Flowers' range which I'm so happy with and have had a lot of great feed back over.

So enough about the past, what about the future? 
In the immediate future I see food because I am starving! In the not so immediate future, we are making plans to move back to the UK....yup and this time we 100% mean it...and I will explain more in a future post...now for some dumplings yum!


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