Happy sponges

I'm not sure what the pink sponges meant to be but cute all the same! It really does brighten up doing the dishes. Funny how such small things can make you smile.

I got these from $10 JUSCO bargainous!


The Holidays - catch up

I know its pretty late but Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 people!
I had a lovely Christmas, much better than I thought (maybe it was the low expectations) as I was feeling homesick imagining the tree, food, coziness and family at home in the SNOW (jealous) but it was good, a different kind of good, the low point was discovering our 'Christmas' dinner out didn't include the stuffing, roast potatoes or veg (the best bits!) as I was utterly looking forward to that BUT the best bit was finding out I'm going to Osaka, Japan in about 2 weeks !

To say I am excited is a major understatement. I'm worried I'm setting myself up for disappointment actually because I am THAT excited ! So I've got this big shopping list of things I NEED as there may be snow (EEEee!) and I didn't even ship a single coat here (mistake!).

And New Year Resolutions! I'm not the type to really do these as I think they are made to be broken! but but but I'm going to make myself go to bed early, goodbye 2am bedtimes, hello full productive mornings where I don't feel asleep and want to die.

Littleclouds wise, I've listed a bunch of new stuff over the last week or 2 with a few more yet to be photographed and listed but I'm going to start winding down within the next month or 2 to prepare for the big move of returning to the UK ! Obviously I want to ship as little as possible home and the shop will be shut for quite a while during the transition as I try to find my feet and settle but hopefully not as long as last time (2-3 months eek!).

I also received the most exciting emails regarding my work just before Christmas which can't really be revealed until Autumn next year but I admit to jumping up and down a wee bit to this one as I think its my best achievement to date by far but hopefully something between now and then will trump it heh!

Here's hoping that 2011 will bring us all peace, happiness and love to us all


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