Last night going out to walk Rex I'd discovered that my 24 hr fruity stand has gone. I am sad as for me it was a landmark of my local area, now where will I go if I want a pineapple at 4am in the rain?  


New Character - Maggie

Meet Maggie.

Maggie is the sensitive caring soul that thinks now, does later.
She is single, lives on her own in a small bungalow her late grandma left her and immensely enjoys cooking against Nigella on TV who she has a love hate relationship with.
Although she loves to have a mean steak on the weekends she loves animals and every night there is a stray cat party going on in her garden from all the scraps and milk she leaves out. The cats leave her dead mice on a daily basis as a thank you.


New Character - Ping Pong Stan

Meet Stan, he is Ping Pong Man....player!

Don't let his youthful looks deceive you, he is in fact 86 and counting, he is a divorcee, vegetarian but a huge lover of beer (San Miguel if your offering) he enjoys classical music, walks in the park and as well as being an avid ping pong player, he also enjoys dining alfresco, completely au naturale if you know what I mean.

Mushroom lamp

I wasn't really looking for a lamp but how can you resist when you come across lamps as cute as this? 



Another year older *sighs* 

This year was quite exciting as I got to see WILD monkeys! 

Was really nice to see them in their natural habitat, no bars, controlled walls etc etc although I'm sure in the 'real' wild, monkeys don't find Rice Krispies to feed themselves. (not me btw) 


Sneak peak.

''What could it be I wonder?!''
    - Normal Joe


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