These keyrings and brooches were added to the shop a while ago now and I'm due a bit of a largish shop update for a bunch of new stuff soon, mostly new designs made since the competition you all helped me with so expect home stuff, accessories items and some jewellery bits too.

I'm looking for some decent quality blank tshirts too! I'm planning to just walk extensively around this 'wholesale' area (Shum Shui Po) and hope I bump into some shops but if anyone from Hong Kong is reading, any shop names, streets etc will be gratefully noted !


Paint by numbers and my dying plant

Both presents, the latter dying. I don't understand how I do it but I can't keep any plant alive for long. Thank heavens I don't have the same 'skill' when it comes to animals.

Talented sisters

I have twin sisters who turn 9 this Sept and they are very very sweet.
They have these wild imaginations and ideas that I should really note down to embarrass them with one day when they're at that annoying teenager stage !

I asked them each what they wanted to be when they were older and Chloe wants to be a singing dancer and Sophy wants to be a singing vet, now that is innovation !


I will probably get asked to take this down.....

but it is just too cute to not share ! Luckily the duck is slow to read my blog and therefore may not notice if I blog a few times after this post.

Pups went back 'home' on Friday :( miss their little licks. If only they didn't poop all the time *sighs*

Funny video one and two and some more photos here (latest are at the bottom/end!)


A nice surprise

My first bits of printed press in magazines, my papa will be proud !



And the winner is of my competition is....

woohoo! please email me at MEOW (at) Littleclouds.co.uk with what item(s) you want and I'll post asap for you :D

Well it was near enough unanimous that I should focus on more functional items which I have to agree with, I myself also will often only purchase something if I can 'justify' it in my head, that usually means I need to 'NEED it' or 'USE' it (yeah I know 'need' can be interpretive!).

SO I'm going to discontinue my character dolls for now, maybe they will reincarnate into more functional items at a later date but maybe not. And also put my paper goods to the back of the (design) closet, mostly because I've always been unsure of how they gel with my other items and also because greeting cards, along with the button badges yield very little money when sold online so maybe I will only sell those to shops in bulk or at craft shows.

Aaannnnd I'll be focusing more on items to use in the HOME > tea towels, pin cushions, coasters, organisational/storage ideas, decor etc, to WEAR > jewellery, accessories, totes and eventually tshirts.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I really appreciate your opinions, sometimes it is hard to see something when you are standing right next to it so seriously thank you!



Sorry for the delay in picking out the winner for my competition, my brother suddenly arriving just made me totally forget about it all, about everything !

I will choose a winner at random on Saturday so stay tuned y'all


7 years tomorrow

Can you guess where we are here? The clue is in the painting!

Tomorrow is my/our 7th year anniversary which sounds so so long! We did have plans to celebrate but my brother is arriving tomorrow from the UK so will see how that goes now!

7 facts of interest about 'US'

♥ I call him Duck and he calls me Bear, he loves bread, has big 'wings' and likes water a lot so it is quite appropriate. I'm not really sure why I'm a bear, I often ask if it is because I care.
♥ We pretty much lived together after a few months (although it wasn't intentional) and have barely been apart since.
♥ Together we have moved 6 times - Northampton, 3 difference places in London and 2 places in Hong Kong although the latter 2 were our first non flat shares! Felt/feels very grown up.
♥ We love traveling big time! Together we have gone to 15 18 countries and 23 26 cities and some of them more than once! Our first trip was to Paris.
♥ For our 1st xmas together he got me an alarm clock and a mini water dispenser. He wrapped the alarm clock in a bigger box so I couldn't guess what it was which made me think it was a HUGE gift. I cried with disappointment!
♥ My dad was not on board with our relationship at all. He took over 2 years to accept it and now he won't shut up and chatters away to him like I'm not even there. NOW my family often make out that I'm the lucky one to have him! family huh?
♥ When we first got together, I didn't think it would become serious, I even said to my friend that I predict we'd finish before August (we were going to Reading Festival together aha!)

It was hard to choose 7, so many more things I want to share but maybe next year...

(edit - somehow I managed to forget about 3 countries, one of which we went to 3 times, luckily the duck has a good memory!)


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