The Woof and Meow guide to Hong Kong

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this but a while ago I did a ickle drawing for a book in Hong Kong, its a guide to Hong Kong for pet owners that can be purchased here.
Its a bit random for me as I don't really seek out illustration work really but it came along so why not! And of all places it presented itself to me from my Facebook feed !



Just one of the few beautiful cards from Saplingpress

This year we had thanksgiving dinner for the first time.

Mostly for the food (nom!) but then the 'other half' is actually American born so you could say we were going back to his roots.......hmm nope it was literally just for the stuffing !

Anyway I'm really glad, its something I'd like to do every year actually now given the chance.
Forgetting the religious context, I think its an important idea to remind yourself of the things you are thankful for in order to really appreciate them.
Its so easy to forget how lucky we are (figuratively speaking!) and very very easy to get bogged down by the small potatoes in life and just feeling like the grass is greener on the other side so I dedicate this post to the things I am thankful for.

In no particular order and not exclusive (just what I'm feelin' in the moment!)

Health - I'm quite fortunate to be one of those people who isn't ill much of the time, I haven't been to the doctor in 2 years *touch wood*
Wealth - I'm actually very skint a lot of the time but relatively speaking I know I'm pretty well off and its something I've become quite aware of since moving to Hong Kong actually.
And I'm also luckily / happily one of those people who don't feel the urgency for the latest and greatest so that helps a lot (thank you stingy parents!)
Friends and family - My family aren't an open book with one another, nor a completely closed one. We're more like the coffee table magazine that is occasionally flicked through. You know its there ready for you when you need it essentially. Thats probably a weird analogy (a habit of mine!) but that really makes sense to me !

Anyway, there are other things but these are at the core of it all so enough for now, what are the things you are thankful for? Have a think and really feeeeeel it, it makes you look out the window in a much brighter way which is nice.


Seven Things....

'Seven little things' by elizabethtaylor

I've been tagged by Emily to reveal 7 things about myself (you can see the last 7 here!)
I actually quite like doing these things, quite narcissistic of me but my excuse is in person, I can be quite private about things and don't tell people stuff unless I'm asked so now I've been asked well....

1) I'm a gemini. I'm not really into astrology, I don't read my horoscope because I'm not sure I believe in the possibility of being alike to millions of others based on my birth date BUT I do share the 'gemini traits' of dual personality.
That probably sounds scary and erratic, I am not a crazy cat lady (maybe dog lady...) but I do feel like I'm trying to combine the thoughts and wants of 2 people sometimes which leads to lots of indecision and thinking and debating which for an impatient person can be a tad frustrating.
The significant other in my life (not Noodles although he is close) is also a gemini and so is one of my best friends....now that could be coincidence or is it? dum dum dummmmm !

2) I love love love dogs. I used to ask my dad like everyday for a dog but being a commitment phobe I held off adopting until recently and now I truly understand what people meant when they say their dog is a member of their family.

3) I rarely drink alcohol. I think its nearly been a year since I've touched any now that I think about it. There isn't any reason to it other than the fact I think it tastes mostly rank and that it is quite costly for the drinks I do like (spirits) which are pretty much 85% pop so I just get 100 pop instead.
I'd love to enjoy the taste of beer or wine, the IDEA of it is really nice but it tastes so bad !
Actually, I really like pear cider that IKEA makes but the IKEAs here only sell the non alcohol version for some reason. Maybe I just need to try more wine.

4) Twins and triplets are meant to run in my family. This prospect absolutely terrifies me.

5) I don't / can't wear heels. This makes me sadface a lot because being a shorty, heels would compensate a lot but they are so uncomfortable, I don't know how others do it. And asides from the comfort factor, they are really difficult to walk in without looking like a toddler and there is nothing less sexy than a girl who is waddling along like a toddler in discomfort.

6) I'm an atheist. I would like to believe in the idea of there being a god, a greater being and there being 'a plan' for us all and even a heaven but I just don't. I would rather believe in Santa and the Easter bunny than believe in a god that doesn't allow good people into his heaven simply for not being a member of his 'team'.

7) When I was little I wanted to be a 'pet doctor' but I was quite rubbish academically. Growing up, I mostly followed the artistic, creative path but knew I didn't want to be an artist, I found the exhibiting side of it too stressful and a bit too laardeedar if you know what I mean.
Through Uni I was gearing myself up for graphic design and illustration but in all honestly I don't think I'm any good at either.
I still don't really know what I am or what I want to be (but most people don't either I think so its okay right?) I just know I want to stay creative and not sit 9-5, 5 days a week doing a job I find unfulfilling for what feels like the rest of my life.
In conclusion, I still think being a 'pet doctor' must be the best job in the world!

Right to carry this on, I am tagging Lucy from Peas and Needles and Louise from SuperDuper because they are aces and talented folk but anyone reading is welcome to do this too, just remember to let me know so I can read it :D


I broke my heart shape mirror :(

and couldn't bare to throw it away so I after some trial and error made it into something useful.


New Stockists - La Belle Epoque & MakeRoom

MAKE ROOM - Netherlands

You can now get my tea bag coasters at www.MakeRoom.nl, a very cool online boutique that showcases a very modern, funky collection of home products. The site is only in Dutch but the site is still worth a visit for the looks alone. I love their slogan too !

La Belle Epoque - Hong Kong

This is 'La Belle Epoque', a tiny little treasure trove of handmade products. I feel honored to be one of the few designers stocked here as the shop is so cute!

It oozes the passion and dedication that handmade designers often possess and although the shop is small, you could spend hours in there viewing the work presented, some of the detail in the products is astounding, I literally felt like I hadn't made an effort with my things when put amongst the others (Look, I'm currently in the window!).


Happy Halloween !

SUPER NOODLES! I don't especially celebrate Halloween but I do LOVE the dressing up side of it so this year we couldn't resist now that we have a dog and one that doesn't dislike clothing! (not sure if he likes it, I think he is indifferent to it but enjoys the treats that came with it). More photos here.

We also went to Ocean Park during the day (didn't know about the halloween evening special event :((( ) and although I've been a gazzilion times now the views there never fail to take my breath away.

The weather is absolutely stunning here right now, everyday is a comfortable 22-26 degrees with blue skies, strong sun and wind yet would you believe me if I were to tell you that lots of people are wearing scarves, hats and winter coats?

Its insane, I feel hot just looking at them, just another funny thing about Hong Kong I guess, if I were good at drawing, I think I would have to make some sort of comic/graphic novel/guidebook about it, there are just SO many things that are quite quizzical and interesting to see or know about!

For example; Most modern high rise buildings will intentionally miss out the 4th floor (I think 14th floor too) because the word 4 sounds like 'die / death' in Cantonese and the 8th floor is attractive (not sure why, something to do with luck or wealth) meaning 8th floor flats are more expensive because of this superstition.
Also the reason why a lot of prices are $48, $98, $8888 etc

Lastly! I'll be organising a giveaway soon as I passed the 200th sale mark on my Etsy so stay tuned.....


rabbits have good taste

Just doing my randomly-once-in-a-while feedbacks on Etsy and discovered this customer appreciation photo! SO cute! I've got a big soft spot for rabbits, I think they are underrated.
And this photo reminds me of a recent purchase which is also bunny related, these shoes from Em and Sprout (I also got this sailor tshirt from her).

And no I won't be wearing it with my bunny top as that might be over doing it !
I know how you are meant to calm-it as you age-it and being no spring chicken anymore I should be looking at more mature clothing (blue rinse anyone?) but yeah whatever I like these things too much to deny myself them and I figure that I look young (I think!) so get away with it (I hope) and who wants to be another cookie cutter 20 something year old anyway?


How do you store your necklaces?

I've been meaning to quickly mention this in the hope of some better suggestions but this is how I'm starting to organise the few necklaces I have in stock for transporting to craft shows etc.
Its works but there must be some genius idea out there somewhere! Any readers out there like to share how they store their pieces? pretty please?

I'm also having a BYE BYE sale right now on all greeting cards and character dolls because I'm discontinuing them so cards are only $2 USD / £1.25 / $15 HKD and the character dolls are all $7.75 usd / £5 / $60 HKD !


this, that and the other

This is me at the craft fair I did recently, you can't really see me but I am behind that yellow wall bit with the umbrella! I didn't even know this photo was being taken !
It went well, sold a bunch of stuff, received money from a stockist and made some new connections for further stockists but it was soo hot that that alone sidelined everything so apologies to anyone who may of had to witness my grumpy face, it is usually quite friendly.

I've been up to quite a lot recently creatively, I've got lots of new products for the shop which are slowly getting listed.
I've been doing a large commission for someone, a set of custom character dolls for a big family and although I do draw I don't actually think I am very good at all so have always been hesitant to do custom work incase they turn out to hate it but I'm glad I accepted this one as I'm happy with the results actually, you can see some of the drawings here.
I've also been doing some drawings for a Hong Kong animal organisation and it is looking like I will have a small drawing published on a book so that has been exciting to say the least !
And through this pet organisation I'm participating in a promo pack so I've been busy sorting out new business cards for it which hasn't been simple grrrr!


Its a boy !

Its been a while but I've not forgotten you Blogland.
So we finally adopted a dog from LAP on the 30th August and since then its been so fun!
I don't know if it it because this time it is different as he is my dog but its so much more everything (fun, rewarding, enjoyable!) than fostering.
He is perfect, a lovely well mannered little boy, he is a bit older than we wanted but better than we imagined in his dogsonality (see what I did there?).

Oh and his name is Noodles and he has a facebook page !

I won't go on about him here as I know it can be boring to repeatedly hear about stuff like that so I'll be keeping it on the facebook or other blog - 'Little Doodles and Noodles'.

I am also preparing for a craft show that takes place this Sunday (more info) which I am excited about as its been a while so do come by if you are local as I don't do them very often!


A fun interview - Friday is my day

Friday morning cuddles

I did a super fun interview for Friday is a my day last week which can be seen here.

What I like about Fridays is that every Friday can be different because it is my day, my day off to enjoy the beginning of a relaxing weekend and really when I read my Friday from a 3rd perspective on the blog I felt pretty good! I really do love love love living so near water and its something we wouldn't be able to easily afford living in London so I feel very lucky.

Since the interview, Kira has left and I was pretty upset, when I say pretty I mean very.
So after lots and lots of discussion about it we've decided to adopt a dog and we're going to 2 adoption days tomorrow, I'm so FREAKING excited to finally have my own dog!

breathe in / breathe out

Now its always been a toss up between getting a Pug, a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu but we decided on a Pug for its comedic values plus their ability to look amazingly happy and shockingly sad the next minute.

Wish us luck and if you have any ideas for names feel free to share! (most likely a boy pug)


I made this --> a Hong Kong Treasury

look here

I made a treasury, it took ages but me thinks I did good !

I've been a-making for this craft show I'm selling at and can't seem to ever find my camera cable hence the lack of blogging of late.

But a fun interview I did a while ago will be up tomorrow so stay tuned!


CLEO magazine feature

A while ago I got contacted through Etsy about featuring Littleclouds in an Etsy guide, I sent some edited photos with white backgrounds but then didn't hear back and forgot about it all really but then tonight I googled 'CLEO magazine Etsy' and found a blog post from fellow etsian called Giggleberry Creations who was also featured and LOOK !

I'm in the middle with the yellow 'Play Nice' purse with links to me in the footnotes, so cool !


HUGEST shop update

HUGEST shop update by my standards anyway ! Over the last week I've listed a bunch of stuff on Etsy including the above pin cushion ring in a blue, pink and grey (for now).
Various bow designs on felt, sewn as keyrings, hair clips and brooches

And this 'carton of eggs' design onto tea towels and pot coasters (including limited handcut versions) and lastly I have 1 CLEANO NEATO tea towel printed & sewn up with more to eventually come once I master 2 colours on my DIY printing table.

Its been productive whatcanisay!

Just for fun

If I ever find decent tshirts to buy wholesale I will start making some designs up, this one is just for fun for me on an old top but I think its looks pretty snazzy.

a productive weekend

My makeshift printing table, some coasters for a shop order and lovely flowers.




These keyrings and brooches were added to the shop a while ago now and I'm due a bit of a largish shop update for a bunch of new stuff soon, mostly new designs made since the competition you all helped me with so expect home stuff, accessories items and some jewellery bits too.

I'm looking for some decent quality blank tshirts too! I'm planning to just walk extensively around this 'wholesale' area (Shum Shui Po) and hope I bump into some shops but if anyone from Hong Kong is reading, any shop names, streets etc will be gratefully noted !


Paint by numbers and my dying plant

Both presents, the latter dying. I don't understand how I do it but I can't keep any plant alive for long. Thank heavens I don't have the same 'skill' when it comes to animals.

Talented sisters

I have twin sisters who turn 9 this Sept and they are very very sweet.
They have these wild imaginations and ideas that I should really note down to embarrass them with one day when they're at that annoying teenager stage !

I asked them each what they wanted to be when they were older and Chloe wants to be a singing dancer and Sophy wants to be a singing vet, now that is innovation !


I will probably get asked to take this down.....

but it is just too cute to not share ! Luckily the duck is slow to read my blog and therefore may not notice if I blog a few times after this post.

Pups went back 'home' on Friday :( miss their little licks. If only they didn't poop all the time *sighs*

Funny video one and two and some more photos here (latest are at the bottom/end!)


A nice surprise

My first bits of printed press in magazines, my papa will be proud !



And the winner is of my competition is....

woohoo! please email me at MEOW (at) Littleclouds.co.uk with what item(s) you want and I'll post asap for you :D

Well it was near enough unanimous that I should focus on more functional items which I have to agree with, I myself also will often only purchase something if I can 'justify' it in my head, that usually means I need to 'NEED it' or 'USE' it (yeah I know 'need' can be interpretive!).

SO I'm going to discontinue my character dolls for now, maybe they will reincarnate into more functional items at a later date but maybe not. And also put my paper goods to the back of the (design) closet, mostly because I've always been unsure of how they gel with my other items and also because greeting cards, along with the button badges yield very little money when sold online so maybe I will only sell those to shops in bulk or at craft shows.

Aaannnnd I'll be focusing more on items to use in the HOME > tea towels, pin cushions, coasters, organisational/storage ideas, decor etc, to WEAR > jewellery, accessories, totes and eventually tshirts.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I really appreciate your opinions, sometimes it is hard to see something when you are standing right next to it so seriously thank you!



Sorry for the delay in picking out the winner for my competition, my brother suddenly arriving just made me totally forget about it all, about everything !

I will choose a winner at random on Saturday so stay tuned y'all


7 years tomorrow

Can you guess where we are here? The clue is in the painting!

Tomorrow is my/our 7th year anniversary which sounds so so long! We did have plans to celebrate but my brother is arriving tomorrow from the UK so will see how that goes now!

7 facts of interest about 'US'

♥ I call him Duck and he calls me Bear, he loves bread, has big 'wings' and likes water a lot so it is quite appropriate. I'm not really sure why I'm a bear, I often ask if it is because I care.
♥ We pretty much lived together after a few months (although it wasn't intentional) and have barely been apart since.
♥ Together we have moved 6 times - Northampton, 3 difference places in London and 2 places in Hong Kong although the latter 2 were our first non flat shares! Felt/feels very grown up.
♥ We love traveling big time! Together we have gone to 15 18 countries and 23 26 cities and some of them more than once! Our first trip was to Paris.
♥ For our 1st xmas together he got me an alarm clock and a mini water dispenser. He wrapped the alarm clock in a bigger box so I couldn't guess what it was which made me think it was a HUGE gift. I cried with disappointment!
♥ My dad was not on board with our relationship at all. He took over 2 years to accept it and now he won't shut up and chatters away to him like I'm not even there. NOW my family often make out that I'm the lucky one to have him! family huh?
♥ When we first got together, I didn't think it would become serious, I even said to my friend that I predict we'd finish before August (we were going to Reading Festival together aha!)

It was hard to choose 7, so many more things I want to share but maybe next year...

(edit - somehow I managed to forget about 3 countries, one of which we went to 3 times, luckily the duck has a good memory!)


Directions needed

Turning 25 has made me (want to be) focused! My problem is that I like too much stuff and I-like-to-do-what-I-like-to-do so I don't design within a set range or towards a consistent aesthetic, literally my shop is all over the place and being that my time is not infinite and 1 pair of hands can only focus on so much and seriously you would begin to think I had a problem if you could peak into my studio so enough is enough!

I need to redefine and learn to be selective, more is not best yes?

So this is where YOU come in what 'type' of designs/items/products do you like best from my shop and what do you like the least? What do you think I should make more of and what should I not bother with? (I'm thinking more generally rather than specific items).

To enter all you have to do is help me answer that question either by email MEOW@Littleclouds.co.uk or in the comments here and for 1 extra entry each, you can follow the blog, follow me on twitter and retweet

'Help @Littleclouds make some decisions! http://bit.ly/bnEWMA'

and in 2.5 weeks (Monday 5th July!) I'll pick out a winner randomly, maybe from a hat if I can find a hat or hat-like object !

Comments are now closed !



Eeepers nearly 2 weeks have whizzed by since my last post!

I haven't been up to much as its too horribly humid and hot outside to not feel grumpy after 3 minutes and more recently we fostered these 2 very young puppies which means I can't really leave the house for very long as they eat little and often...actually a lot and often and oh my god they toilet NON STOP! Its literally taken over my life!

You can see a few more pics on my flickr and the video is pretty cute too.

I'm also a tad behind on Littleclouds stuff, mostly shop orders but also new designs that have been sitting around on screens waiting to be printed.
Between domestic stuff like cleaning, puppy cuddling etc etc and my other work there just isn't much left over to feel enthusiastic about new ideas....there just ain't enough hours in the day I tells ya. I seriously don't know how other people do it, please if you have tips do let me know...

oooh and one of my best buds from home has started a blog which is exciting for me so get busy Lucy! And I myself have started another blog kind of, its just going to be my #dailydoodle images so that it is more organised date wise (although its currently rarely daily eep!)

Also a lovely lady called Emily Orpin blogged about me here, she has a way with words, I especially like her recent post about bringing back the word Happify which means to make someone happy which cannot be a bad thing.


Holiday pics

Look how happy I am, that is my holiday face as soon as I step foot down on destination soil !
You can see more on my flickr here.


Some purchases from China

Sadly mostly bought as gifts for my little sisters (twins!)


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