Photo and costume by Dahlhartlane

Today is Halloween which is weird for me because by this time of the year its normally halloweenish, cold, dark out, cosy in, nice cosy clothes etc but its 28 / 30 degrees today and crazy bright and sunny.

To think this time last year I was dressed for success as a sanitary towel ( handmade of course) makes me miss home.



Did I tell you how much I love stationery shops here?

Endless, joining number stamps, bargaineous too $60 / £5 !

Today was such a beautiful lovely day, got myself some more silk screens, white spray, more exercise books all in preparation for the Soho festivities.

So much to do and I don't know what to prioritise, my friends are coming to visit to right after and I need to vaguely prepare for that and I just realised my UK flight is only a month away now (time really flies) so we need to decide asap about what we are doing.

Do I want to go home for xmas....hmmm I really don't know!


little finds - Atelierpompadour

I love my random google alerts of all things 'Little clouds', most of the time it is what it is - Little clouds in the sky but today I got this beauty in my inbox.

So so simple and calming and lovely, I love it!

Probably not a surprise that the rest of her/his flickr & shop is pretty cool too and look at their studio - yummmy!


Home Sweet home booklets

I put my HSH paper ring design on these cool notepads you get here in Hong Kong and I'm really happy with them, the paper inside is yummy!
I've just noticed that a lot of my item colours nearly all coordinate, I tells you its not even intentional !
I want to develop this into a month planner or something more functional eventually, any ideas of what else I could develop it into?


Soho - Village on the hill festival

Photo from DiscoverHongKong website.

I got invited to sell at the Soho Wine & Dine Festival (they will be an arts and crafts part to the festival) which I think is an annual event here in Hong Kong, I'm not sure what it will be like as I've never been or heard about it but I've been told the whole event is expecting over 100,000 so needless to say I am *a little bit* nervous.

Because I've never ever sold at any event anywhere near to this size, I just don't know what to expect and how much more I should make and take, I mean how many people is 100,000 anyway, it sounds like millions to me!

There is also going to be press packs and other fancy sounding things like that going to print about it all and I've sent some photos to be included, if any of my photos get chosen, it will be my very first piece of 'proper' (none internet) press so that alone is pretty exciting !

Some new badges

Fresh off the press....

Is it too early for Christmas talk ?

I know its a bit early for stuff like this but I was prompted by stocklists to make Christmassy products so I have (probably too late even :S ) and this is the first lot.

Yes they are angry & sad because life is hard when your edible.

And in other news I got myself a laser printer, its really slow but prints nicely (stickers were printed with it!) so now nothing will run in the slightest hurrah!


Little finds - Leesa Leva

Artwork and photo by Leesa Leva.

Browsing through random stores in Bigcartel and discovered this beauty, I could stare at this for ages, the detail is captivating like she is hypnotic. Hmmmm to one day have a big home to buy art...hmmmm


Little finds - shegreetstheday

Photo and item by Shegreetstheday

I know brooches leave holes in your clothes and that,
but I've just never been much of a necklace girl, how can you be when you look at these ridiculously cute brooches I just bought from SheGreetstheDay.
I am tempted to try and turn these into earrings somehow so that I can wear them together, I am indecisive and greedy like that.


Littleclouds on Facebook...no not a fan page.

Woke up to check my facebook (as you do) and saw one of my character dolls on my 'news feed' because Spoonflower made a little mention of it on their fan page which was nice to see first thing in my morning.

I've also ordered more fabric with a new character called Raleigh and new and improved versions of older designs Tracey and Sammy the fairy. (Tracey and Raleigh are non identitcal twins)
Shown in order - Raleigh, Tracey & Sammy the fairy.


Postal experiment

In the 'interests of Science' I am conducting a experiment of the postal kind where I posted 19 airplane posties worldwide to see how many arrive at their destination because there has been some doubt to whether odd shaped post is allowed.
Countries that have been included - Hong Kong, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Luxembourg and Serbia !

If you are reading this and you are from a country not listed in the above lot please email me if you want to be included !


Ripped off NO 2

It happened again. I think it should be a crime to ever serve only this amount of chips, they might as well doodled some chip shapes onto my plate, it would of been more of a story to tell I tells ya!

Although it doesn't beat the first time this happened, that was special.


Par Avion Treasury

Nabbed a treasury at the last min by chance. Who doesn't like receiving post? No one thats who! Comment here.


New items (kind of) - Badges

You may of seen this coming, what with the new badge machine and all, it was only to be expected !

EDIT - added more photos/designs. Amazing how you can dig up old old work and stick it on a badge and viola!

New Banner

Felt like a change and this feels more 'me' right now, the old one felt washed out.

HSH paper rings 2

More colours and look how cute the boxes are!
I've cushioned the boxes with scraps of fabric I was only going to throw away and it presents them nicely so pretty win win.
Listed up here in $USD and here in Euros.


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