bargain finds at JUSCO

To the great advice of YellowGoat I went to JUSCO which is basically a 99p shop but look at my finds! There was also a cute bear cup but it didn't have the cute ears. 

Shum Shui Po - sewing district

Today I visited this sewing, fabric, jewellery stuff district in Shum Shui Po which was an eye opener. Even though HK isn't a particularly crafty, DIY place there is a lot of supply which doesn't seem to make sense to me, not that I am complaining!
As we went late, a lot of the shops had already shut so will have to explore more next time (with my camera!) but just imagine streets of shops that are stacked top to bottom with JUST LACE! I wanted to rolled around in it! 
The amount of bead, gems, wire, chains & general jewellery shops was immense, almost a pity that I don't really make jewellery :S

Also went to some charity shops, far & few between with not any bed linens :(


I'm in Love

With the amazing, amazing stationery shops here. They are complete treasure troves! The one by me sells everything from kites, hula hoops, a million types of different pens & pencils to stamp kits, neon velcro, googgly eyes, brooch bits to cellophane bundles! 

You get the idea. And because I still float around like a tourist I notice these tiny little differences in detail that seem so novel to me. To add to the treasure troveness, they are always crammed tip & top with stuff, like your 99p corner shop but much more so. 

Funnily enough it wasn't any sort of stationery we bought from the shop, it was a badminton rackets. He is also trying to talk me into ping ponging too.....oh dear!


Memories to not forget

Not dissimilar to guy we saw when we went Ice skating apart from our guy slammed into a wall...very very loudly. 
I keep seeing all these funny, amazing, interesting things but because I'm cameraless they will just fade in my crappy memory. (can't find the battery charger, I'm hoping its in my shipping!) 

It makes me sad. 

Like yesterday I saw a woman riding a child's bike with about 5 funny looking toy type dogs following her & then in her bike basket was a CAT! The poor cat was clinging on to dear life like it was a roller coaster & it even had a coat on (all the dogs did but this doesn't seem abnormal anymore) was soo funny. Okay a bit cruel as an afterthought but visually it was good. comedy gold good.

And we saw little tortoises in a park pond, was soo exciting! I was shrieking out of excitement & obviously because I look chinese, they don't know I'm 'foreign' so just looked at me thinking 'wtf' 

It is cold today, I wish I packed my scarf. It seems silly but I think of it hanging on the back of my door all disused & abandoned :( 


oooh moving images...nice

Mid waiting for my rice to cook I made a moving gif file, I've done this once before but my memory is terrible so the sense of achievement is justified, look it goes on forever! 

Renegade Handmade stocklist

Before leaving the UK, I had 3 separate pieces of good news,

The first is yet to be 'finalised' so best not reveal as I don't want to jinx it, the 2nd was a bulk order of my Picnic card & the 3rd is that Littleclouds has a new stocklist in Chicago, USA! 
Obviously its always exciting & wonderful when I get new stocklists anywhere, but this is my first in the USA & as my brother happens to live in Chicago I think its cool that he can go in there & see his little sisters goodies. Check out Renegade Handmade here.


Kiddie crafts

Some crafts I did with my sisters whilst I was at home, we even made a theatre like frame so that we could perform a puppet show for our parents but sadly they got to excited & trashed it :( 

Flying isn't always this easy


safe & sound in Hong Kong

quick post before my battery dies, we just got broadband yay!

It's pretty crazy here, its busier than I ever remember, its like people were reproducing to the max in between us last coming & now. 

The flat is pretty depressing but we are bringing it it's glimmer of hope & is already on its way to looking much more decent, our tinnny bathroom is baby yellow and baby blue...I don't know if I love it or hate it, I feel like both everyday. 

We practically just have a bed & a fridge & living out of our suitcases because we are still painting but its kind of fun, exciting in the Benjamin button way minus the numpty as well...they were animals in that film! 

right batt is going & it is lunch time here so off to find some food. The food here is so so good, like bringing back sexy good.



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