10th Photo story

I got tagged by Edwina Simone to do this photo chain thingy which was pretty fun, especially as it brings up such random photos you completely forgot about!

And the rules are as follows....

1. open your first photo folder

2. scroll to the tenth photo
3. post the photo and the story behind it
4. tag five or more people

This photo is from my 1st year of Uni when I was living with my boyfriend & a friend in London where our neighbours below was a betting shop and next door (to the right of the photo) was a gay pub (loud YMCA & Cyndi Lauper type music EVERY weekend amusing now but not at the time!)

Basically my friend quit his crappy retail job and begun a lifestyle of microwave instant noodles, take aways in his pants watching daytime telly (Nobody should watch Jermemy Kyle that often) SO my bf & I one day bored, thought it would be funny to make this sign of 'NEIL IS JOBLESS' hanging outside our flat to welcome him home one day thinking he would see the funny side of it (he did not) and maybe encourage him to start furiously looking for a job (he did not) and to think that was 5 years ago is a little scary.

Thankfully I am a little more mature and sophisticated than that now ;P

So now I'm tagging

Aisling Law
Lucy from Peas and Needles
Rowan from KitschenSink
Kelly from The Lost Earring
Elise of Argyle Whale


Some misprints

I've been hoarding this meter of misprinted fabric for a long while because I knew there would be something cool I could do with it, just not what it was originally intended for.
Alongside it, I'd also been hoarding these embroidery hoops that '1 day' I would use for you know hand embroidery (fail) so I put 2 and 2 together...

The woman is from when I used to screen print my character dolls and the turquiose S is from my Rice Is Nice tote bag, a phrase I use often and each time I do, I still turn to my bf and go 'ahah see what I just said funny isn't it?' and he says no (with his eyes)

Back to the drawing board....

Some of you may know of my cassette tape wallets that were screen printed, like so...

Well I recently went back to the drawing board of this and redeveloped the idea to do it in the most efficient way possible so out with the screen print and in with the spoonflower.

This way, every one will be the same and barely any material is wasted so what do ya think? Improvement or do you prefer the old screenprinted version ?


Little finds - FamilleSummerbelle

Just saw this via Twitterland, the detail is amazing and an A2 poster of London map is only £35, now I just need a friend to have a birthday soon, now red or turquoise hmm?



I know it may not be a big deal to many people but in the interests of future me looking back on my own blog I thought this was worth mentioning.
I've been on the front page of Etsy a small handful of times but never 'caught it live' before until the other day!
So special thanks to Kelly of 'TheLostEarring' for including me in her treasury, double happy fact is that for a nice change it was a very colourful treasury which I swear is as rare as an albino chipmunk!

Custom work - characters

A custom order I've been working on which I'm pretty pleased with :D I might make one for myself because it is the perfect lay-your-head-on-it-whilst-reading size!


Monsters that melt butter

This little monster looks like butter wouldn't melt but believe me it does melt and I've seen it !
He is so so so sweet towards me but sometimes not so much to my bf which is actually really worrying because I don't know how I could be naturally loving toward him if he ever hurt him, so I am getting a book out on his breed later to try to calm his aggression down 5 notches, the fact that the book will undoubtedly have lots of pics of cute puppies is just a pure bonus.

If anyone reading is a dog owner I would love some tips on how to handle him. He snarls really aggressively at him at specific times like if Blinky is next to me on the sofa & the bf is anywhere near us he will stand up & snarl at him, same if I am already in bed & Blinky is on floor or on bed too he will go nuts if my bf even looks over towards us, what is that all about?

Shredded paper is yummy

Because of all the notepads I've been trimming I'm left with lots of shredded paper which I've been using to package some of my orders, its not really to protect it but sometimes the item looks all lonely in their bags (I mean in the tracing paper bag not loose in the mailing envelope btw) so I thought this was a good filler and kind of makes a little colourful paper nest for the item, maybe I am weird but I really like the crispness of shredded paper, to scrunch it up and see it move back and the little shadows etc but then I've always been into paper and pens more than barbies as a kid so maybe I am weird :D


Ooohoohh I found out today that my pin cushion watch was one of the featured items in the Etsy Storque (their blog for non Etsians reading) and also my 10 things I love about you notepad was featured on this really nice blog called 'YouaremyFave' (cheerios Google Analytics)which you can see here, there are some really nice comments! and lastly I'm in 2 treasuries here & here go click and comment!

And and and and the most exciting thing of all is we fostered a dog the Sunday just gone and he is dozing under my chair right now as I type.
He is called Blinky which is funny because he only has 1 eye right now (some other dog gave him beats in the kennel) so we have to put the cone on him when he starts itching his bad eye because its all stitched up which I'm telling you is so funny to see aha!
They warned us that he was aggressive and possibly hard to handle because he bites or snarls when stressed which has been his state of mental being for the last 6 months (and he is only 1.5 years so a big chunk of his life) and they did offer us to foster another dog that was easier but we decided that if anything he needed more help to regain some sanity because no one is going to adopt a stressed & aggressive dog but hopefully with some love and comfort with us he will ease out of his more destructive behaviors.

Photos later !!


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