A fun interview - Friday is my day

Friday morning cuddles

I did a super fun interview for Friday is a my day last week which can be seen here.

What I like about Fridays is that every Friday can be different because it is my day, my day off to enjoy the beginning of a relaxing weekend and really when I read my Friday from a 3rd perspective on the blog I felt pretty good! I really do love love love living so near water and its something we wouldn't be able to easily afford living in London so I feel very lucky.

Since the interview, Kira has left and I was pretty upset, when I say pretty I mean very.
So after lots and lots of discussion about it we've decided to adopt a dog and we're going to 2 adoption days tomorrow, I'm so FREAKING excited to finally have my own dog!

breathe in / breathe out

Now its always been a toss up between getting a Pug, a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu but we decided on a Pug for its comedic values plus their ability to look amazingly happy and shockingly sad the next minute.

Wish us luck and if you have any ideas for names feel free to share! (most likely a boy pug)


I made this --> a Hong Kong Treasury

look here

I made a treasury, it took ages but me thinks I did good !

I've been a-making for this craft show I'm selling at and can't seem to ever find my camera cable hence the lack of blogging of late.

But a fun interview I did a while ago will be up tomorrow so stay tuned!


CLEO magazine feature

A while ago I got contacted through Etsy about featuring Littleclouds in an Etsy guide, I sent some edited photos with white backgrounds but then didn't hear back and forgot about it all really but then tonight I googled 'CLEO magazine Etsy' and found a blog post from fellow etsian called Giggleberry Creations who was also featured and LOOK !

I'm in the middle with the yellow 'Play Nice' purse with links to me in the footnotes, so cool !


HUGEST shop update

HUGEST shop update by my standards anyway ! Over the last week I've listed a bunch of stuff on Etsy including the above pin cushion ring in a blue, pink and grey (for now).
Various bow designs on felt, sewn as keyrings, hair clips and brooches

And this 'carton of eggs' design onto tea towels and pot coasters (including limited handcut versions) and lastly I have 1 CLEANO NEATO tea towel printed & sewn up with more to eventually come once I master 2 colours on my DIY printing table.

Its been productive whatcanisay!

Just for fun

If I ever find decent tshirts to buy wholesale I will start making some designs up, this one is just for fun for me on an old top but I think its looks pretty snazzy.

a productive weekend

My makeshift printing table, some coasters for a shop order and lovely flowers.


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