Its been a while since I've posted and there is good reasons to why !

I went away for a while to the Philippines (Puerto Galera & Manila) which was both amazing and 'interesting' and I've started a new job teaching English to kids on the weekend which is quite fun and challenging. I'm basically planning the lessons myself so I can be that fun and creative teacher instead of the 'other type', you know the boring robotic charmless, soul less type. 
We also had a friend stay for a while who I hadn't seen in a year or so and we did fun things in HK, like boat rowing, island hopping, beaches, ping pong & so on. 

Here is a photo of the beach we stayed at in Puerto Galera, this was literally on our doorstep ! 

Go to my flickr for more, for some reason I can't upload many at a time on here right now ---> Puerto Galera, Manila


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