The move

Littleclouds is moving.......to Hong Kong!

WHY?! - more a question of why not! a opportunity presented itself & we couldn't think of what was holding us back & as life is about experiences & all that & if now being young with no hardcore commitments isn't the time to make that jump then we never will but that is not to say that there will be no tears, I already miss my life here in London :( 

WHEN?! - Around end of February/early March, for how long for we're not sure but I'm thinking 1-2 years really.

WHERE!? - I will be moving to the New territories, in a former old market town called 'Tai Po'. Tai po holds some fond memories for me as I lived there for a year when I was 6 & although it is quite residential & considered to be a bit 'out in the sticks' by central hong kongers, to me it's the halfway point of busy city VS quiet village life. It also helps that it's surrounded by water & mountains :P 

WHAT!? - will I be doing? well it's good that you ask ;) We've luckily managed to find a job to help pay the necessities which is potentially mobile so hopefully we should be able to travel around a bit in South East Asia every now & again. My only aim & I'm totally serious when I say this is to travel to Sichuan, N.China to visit the panda Sanctuary ! 
There isn't any big sensible plan to what we will do there, just enjoy ourselves really, take time out, learn more skills, read more, listen more, explore & discover more! 

AND LITTLECLOUDS?! - Well if anything I will be spending more time on Littleclouds, I've already sourced materials & supplies that are more local to Hong Kong & something I'm so so excited about is that I will have a much bigger studio space & I've already got loads of ideas brewing waiting to materialise all of which should make 2009 an exciting time! 

Because the next 2 months, I'll be in this transition period of moving home to moving abroad, it is going to be hard to maintain stock levels, therefore I am temporary closing the shopping facility on my website but leaving my Etsy & Dawanda active so that what I have left is easier to manage now that production will have to slooow down. If you reaaaally don't want to sign up to either of these but want some Littleclouds loving then email me at Meow@littleclouds.co.uk what you want & if I still have some left I can email you a paypal invoice or put it aside to wait for cheques etc

phew! writing that was a mission for me, having it all out in virtual black & white hits home that I am leaving home :( 

'goodbye lamp, I shall miss you...goodbye green walls I will miss you too'


KitschenSink said...

How exciting! You must post photos of the place when you get there.

Glad Littleclouds will continue, good luck :o)

Yellowgoat said...

Welcome to Hong Kong. :D

Orjana said...

Oh wow, what an adventure! Are you nervous? You have to post lots of photo's when you get there! Good Luck x x x


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