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Today it rained hard, quite violently for a little while and when it suddenly stopped I looked out the window to notice the clouds had fallen....

I wonder what its like to stand inside a cloud, okay I know its just misty looking as that is what its like inside a plane but I wonder what it feels and smells like. I love clouds they are magical.

And then I made something new from an old screen I burned yonks ago. The flowery lining fabric is from this little sewing/fabric shop I used to always go to in Lewisham, god seems so so so long ago now. nothing important & E M P T Y inside

And this was the last photo I took of Sausage before he left last weekend. I still really miss him and feel a little regretful that we didn't adopt him, he had these amazing soppy eyes that really tugged at your heart strings :(

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Rowan | KitschenSink said...

YOu can stand in a cloud if you want... just climb up a big hill. It's not that great. You need a cagool (not sure how that's spelt)


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