Eeepers nearly 2 weeks have whizzed by since my last post!

I haven't been up to much as its too horribly humid and hot outside to not feel grumpy after 3 minutes and more recently we fostered these 2 very young puppies which means I can't really leave the house for very long as they eat little and often...actually a lot and often and oh my god they toilet NON STOP! Its literally taken over my life!

You can see a few more pics on my flickr and the video is pretty cute too.

I'm also a tad behind on Littleclouds stuff, mostly shop orders but also new designs that have been sitting around on screens waiting to be printed.
Between domestic stuff like cleaning, puppy cuddling etc etc and my other work there just isn't much left over to feel enthusiastic about new ideas....there just ain't enough hours in the day I tells ya. I seriously don't know how other people do it, please if you have tips do let me know...

oooh and one of my best buds from home has started a blog which is exciting for me so get busy Lucy! And I myself have started another blog kind of, its just going to be my #dailydoodle images so that it is more organised date wise (although its currently rarely daily eep!)

Also a lovely lady called Emily Orpin blogged about me here, she has a way with words, I especially like her recent post about bringing back the word Happify which means to make someone happy which cannot be a bad thing.

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ejorpin said...

awww, thanks for such a sweet mention!

And I am sorry, I can not give you any time management tips - I completely struggle with it myself. It's so frustrating especially when your head is full of ideas but you can't find the time/energy/motivation to do anything with them.

Enjoy your time with the pups, don't let them exhaust you too much! And hope you find some time to do your thing soon


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