And the winner is of my competition is....

woohoo! please email me at MEOW (at) Littleclouds.co.uk with what item(s) you want and I'll post asap for you :D

Well it was near enough unanimous that I should focus on more functional items which I have to agree with, I myself also will often only purchase something if I can 'justify' it in my head, that usually means I need to 'NEED it' or 'USE' it (yeah I know 'need' can be interpretive!).

SO I'm going to discontinue my character dolls for now, maybe they will reincarnate into more functional items at a later date but maybe not. And also put my paper goods to the back of the (design) closet, mostly because I've always been unsure of how they gel with my other items and also because greeting cards, along with the button badges yield very little money when sold online so maybe I will only sell those to shops in bulk or at craft shows.

Aaannnnd I'll be focusing more on items to use in the HOME > tea towels, pin cushions, coasters, organisational/storage ideas, decor etc, to WEAR > jewellery, accessories, totes and eventually tshirts.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I really appreciate your opinions, sometimes it is hard to see something when you are standing right next to it so seriously thank you!


Mucy said...

your little video is sooooo cute! Love it!

ejorpin said...

Yep, ditto what Mucy said.

And looking forward to seeing more home decor items in your range! That sounds very exciting indeed!

kyliept said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, this is just too funny! Thanks so much (and thanks for visiting my blog to let me know!).


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