A fun interview - Friday is my day

Friday morning cuddles

I did a super fun interview for Friday is a my day last week which can be seen here.

What I like about Fridays is that every Friday can be different because it is my day, my day off to enjoy the beginning of a relaxing weekend and really when I read my Friday from a 3rd perspective on the blog I felt pretty good! I really do love love love living so near water and its something we wouldn't be able to easily afford living in London so I feel very lucky.

Since the interview, Kira has left and I was pretty upset, when I say pretty I mean very.
So after lots and lots of discussion about it we've decided to adopt a dog and we're going to 2 adoption days tomorrow, I'm so FREAKING excited to finally have my own dog!

breathe in / breathe out

Now its always been a toss up between getting a Pug, a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu but we decided on a Pug for its comedic values plus their ability to look amazingly happy and shockingly sad the next minute.

Wish us luck and if you have any ideas for names feel free to share! (most likely a boy pug)


PussDaddy said...

Congrats on getting a new dog. Don't forget there are lots of shelter dogs that are really cute and need a home too.


Littleclouds said...

The adoption days we are going to are full of rescue dogs >U<
We have our sneaky eyes on a couple of 2-3 year olds, going to be 'interviewed' too :S

Samantha Eynon said...

dude! your making me jealous here! Good luck! Hope you get what you want! If you do I want to see pics! :)

Sarah said...

Hello! I believe we both are doing the DB backyard Bazaar. Thought I would say hello and love your stuff and your dog!

I am at www.smallislandstore.com

Catalina said...

If I ever decide to have a dog it definitely will be a pug. I just can't stop smiling whenever I see a pug! They are so funny looking, cute, and sad at the same time!
Good luck!


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