You know your a geek when no internet leaves you anxious

arghhhh I am the most stupid person in the WORLD!

I basically welcomed a virus onto my PC with open arms so now it's still midst fixage but luckily we live in a world where your friends have PCs so am not completely out of the loop.

So SO SO SO SO utterly annoyed with myself, as I literally was going to back up all my files just before the virus attacked so now I don't know how much or if any data is lost, the work I've slaved over is one thing (all those vector files) but it is mainly the photos I want to cry over.

Please boys & girls, do not EVER EVER open random emails/attachments even if you are incredibly bored & curious, it just ain't worth it.


KitschenSink said...

Gutted... I feel for you not having the internet, mine is temperemental and it's so frustrating when it won't connect, but losing all your work... nightmare, hope some sort of miracle occurs for you!

KitschenSink said...

Thanks for the tip - I haven't tried DaWanda, but I am going to give Folksy a try - it's UK based and those using BETA get 6 months of free listings :o)

w said...

oh no. oh no no no.

mgu said...

Oh gosh!
So sorry!
Best luck!


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