Who wants a freebie?

Blog Giveaway!
To celebrate my good moodness I want to give away a new character doll called Gemma to spread the goodness around :)
You can read more about Gemma here
To win her all you have to do is comment on this post (what you say is up to you! random is acceptable :D ) & I will pick a winner via the good ol method of drawing out of a hat come 18th of Sept.
If this goes well I might do one every month!


Charlotte Tollstén said...

I would love to win Gemma.
Good luck to me and to everyone else.

Philip said...

That is so cool!
Love your shop =)

Caroline Dulko said...

i like you blog lots :D where do you do all your printing? xoxo

w said...

gemma gemma bo bemma
banana fanna fo femma
fee fi mo memma

(you said random was acceptable).

SpottedonEtsy said...

gemma is fabulous! i would love to win her! your etsy shop is awesome, i love the cut out boyfriend card! i added you as a favorite.

spottedonetsy (!at) gmail (!dot) com

Littleclouds said...

banana fanna fo femma???

teehee !

burrito said...

Whoo contest! Love your shop!

ana carina said...

Gemma is so much fun :)

I love her little bunny ears!


CanCan said...

Gemma can come to my house!

CanCan said...

I want Gemma to come to my house!

Jamie said...

Oooh fun! Count me in!

littleprincesschaos said...

Me me me I want one cos it looks like me

Miss you




sammie claire said...

Aw. Gemma's cute!

Good luck to everyone! :]

Marigold said...

I have to say, there's something strangely appealing about the way you think. I would love to give Gemma a good home.

boldnessbe (at)gmail (dot)com


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