Craftwerk show

I have some possibly maybe semi exciting news hopefully soon but meanwhile....

I got invited to attend a Xmas stall holding event in November which is nice so if anyone is nearby come hither! 

And I've finally finished my 2nd installment of my 'Cut out card' series! 'Rockstar Boyfriend' was the first of it's kind

My latest is a little bit more pink! It is for the girlie in all of us (even the boys!) as I think every little girl at some point or another wanted to be a princess (or a vet which has now been upgraded to a kitty/puppy/panda keeper) All will be revealed Friday but here is la taster of things to come

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Showpony said...

love that rockstar boyfriend. Luckily I have grown out of this disastrous phase in real life this would have made things a whole lot less complicated.


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