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The last few weeks have been pretty up and down.
Rex got put down really suddenly because of his on g
oing toilet problems, I still feel so sad about it and can't think about it for long.
I know he wasn't officially *my* dog but I guess after 6 months of looking after the pooch you get really attached, I still can't look at the floor without imagining him looking at me or put my key in the front door without imagining his door scratches. Its just so sad, he was such a lovely lovely lovely little pooch and as my first dog owning experience it feels pretty burnt.

And then after 1 day of having this happen I had friends coming from the UK to visit us so we didn't have long to 'get over it' & get it together somewhat, because we didn't want to affect their trip here.
Despite the sad news, we all had an amazing time & did so so much in 10 days, the highlight for everyone I think was biking on Mui Wo island, up hills discovering a secluded / hidden beach !
And then half way through the week I sort of became jobless in a undramatic & amicable way coinciding with my boyfriends new job which is luckily a good position so yep it has indeedy been a up and down month!

Some photos to aid the visuals

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