Phew !

The Soho festival was fuuun, I didn't expect the epic level of carnival style entertainment, jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, bands, clowns & lots of happy kids running around with animal balloons, all that was missing was a fire breather type person !
I never thought of myself as a carnie but I totally loved all of it!
One juggler guy was flown in from Las Vegas! Just imagine how interesting the life of a internationally renowned juggler must be :D

I sold okay but not as well as normal, my table felt a bit bare, I thought I had loads but once stuff was on the big table I realised I hadn't so that is a lesson learned.
I did get approached by 2 Hong Kong shops to carry my stuff so when I have time I'm going to check those out, would be nice to see my things in the shops rather than photos !

I am so tired now and my back hurts a lot from making badges with lots of kids (and a few adults) it was really nice seeing these kids faces light up when their badges came out, some of them were so awesome I really regret not taking a photo of each & every badge made but I just had no time.

Today will be spent tidying, cleaning & preparing for some friends who are visiting from the UK, needless to say I am cursing every unpractical / useless but impossibly lovely item I have.

Some carnival photos laters....

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