4 bits of news

So item number 1 is the unveiling of a new stockist, HannahZakari which I was more than a little chuffed about as I've admired this online boutique for a long time and love their quirky slant on the whole gift buying saga so hurrah! And everything is in good old British pound sterling :D double hurrah!

Item number 2 is also the news of a new stockist in the shape of Almondtreeframes which is a gift shop cum frame making retail space in Australia ! It is a fairly new shop and I've been following their shop renovations and spying on all the other designers on offer on their blog here and if you go back a little you can see more photos of their lovely shop!

Photo from HKDR website

So news number 3 is we fostered a dachshund about a week ago now but been too busy to show and tell about him, hes a very sweet dog and I know it won't be long until he is adopted which makes me miss him already :(
Can anyone guess what his name is?! His name is....wait for it.......SAUSAGE!
I can tell you now its more than a little embarrassing to shout it out in public, especially when people can't actually see him and they just think I'm incredibly hungry or/and crazy.
I have a really funny video of him which I will upload as soon as I find the camera lead!

So far I've unintentionally announced my bits of news chronologically with my latest news being that I moved and I'm so so happy right now!
We've moved to another part of Hong Kong altogether and its less busy here and we're near the sea like 10 mins walk to the beach and its just pretty here, so far I love it and feel fancy in our lovely new flat and and and and one of the best things about this flat is that I will have a much bigger studio.

Photos up asap!


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Yeah great great news wooo!!!

Sausage awwwwwwww!!!!!

Beach yippeeeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such great news all around!

Congrats on your inclusion with those shops. YIPPEE :)

And your little friend Sausage is adorable. Lol at you having to call his name out in public ha!!

And lastly, congrats on your new and improved home--bigger is always better when it comes to studios!

Eva said...

Congratulations, and that dog is the cutest! Well, apart from mine maybe :)

Littleclouds said...

Thanks guys, Sausage is too lovely and cute that we are already maybe having to say bye as we're meeting a potential adopter tonight :(

Eva - show me the evidence, love looking at doggie pics :D

Louise said...

wowzers lots of news! "sausage" is a brilliant name, he looks a bit like a lovely sausage!


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