news, news

This whole week has been a little weird for me as we returned Blinky back to the kennel which I was / am really sad about but there is only so many times you can take a dog attacking you..well attacking my bf that is, he was really lovely and sweet to me. What I miss most of all is his little hellos in the morning, it was soo nice to have someone so excited & happy to see you and how insanely happy he got when I said the words 'walkies or chicken' (*sad face*)

In other not great, not bad but just news, news we're still waiting for a flat to come our way, it seems that every time we get our hopes up something happens and we don't know if these estate agents are lying or if this is some trick to get money or what, we just don't know what is normal and it is frustrating.

In some excellent news is I am soon to announce 2 new stockists, just waiting for confirmation that they have received my stuff before I do, I don't want to jinx things to get lost in the postal warp.


PussDaddy said...

I am so sorry it didn't work out. I hope you find an apt. soon too.


Samantha Eynon said...

awww that's so sad! Great news about the stockists tho!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. We had to return a second cat last summer, who would not stop attacking us and terrorizing Gracie. You gave it a go, at least you tried :)


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