Today I decided to do a daily doodle, just anything once a day to get myself drawing and enjoying it again. I want to break down that wall where I feel like everything I draw needs to be final, for a specific cause or reason, hopefully through doodling more I'll develop more of a consistent style because I'm a little all-over-the-place right now.

I've also been thinking of scrapping all of my greeting cards and button badges and discontinuing them to make myself more streamlined and focus on my other products, less is more and quality not quantity yada yada but I'm not sure so doing a doodle a day might help me decide...maybe!

I won't be uploading the doodles here everyday, that might be tedious to some blog readers but I will be uploading them to my Flickr and Tweet them so those interested can follow them there and if anyone wants to join in just tag them #dailydoodle !

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Catalina said...

A doodle a day sounds like a good idea, I should do that too. I feel It's so easy to just watch tv instead. But now it's summer and maybe drawing outside it's the thing for me.
I'm looking forward to see more doodles!


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