through the twitter grapevine

I discovered this Tate Modern project via twitterland where you basically send an empty envelope or package and they will display them unopened in the turbine hall !
So I'm doing it, just so I can say 'oh yes I've exhibited in Tate Modern oh yes' and generally be art fancy. Read more about it here.

Another project I'm doing is the 'Pika Package'. Aimed at artists and illustrators where we send stuff to each other in a random swap with some swag bags being sold or put into giveaways etc
What a snazzy idea! I love it! It does cost but only $25 and you get to advertise on Pikaland for that cost too so pretty bargainous for the fun + exposure + random pretty stuff posted to your door, I'm doing the 'Go Travel' theme and I have a month to get together 10 things !

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