Its a boy !

Its been a while but I've not forgotten you Blogland.
So we finally adopted a dog from LAP on the 30th August and since then its been so fun!
I don't know if it it because this time it is different as he is my dog but its so much more everything (fun, rewarding, enjoyable!) than fostering.
He is perfect, a lovely well mannered little boy, he is a bit older than we wanted but better than we imagined in his dogsonality (see what I did there?).

Oh and his name is Noodles and he has a facebook page !

I won't go on about him here as I know it can be boring to repeatedly hear about stuff like that so I'll be keeping it on the facebook or other blog - 'Little Doodles and Noodles'.

I am also preparing for a craft show that takes place this Sunday (more info) which I am excited about as its been a while so do come by if you are local as I don't do them very often!


kyliept said...

Awwwww, well done on adopting a puppy in need! I know the feeling that come with adopting, myself — I currently have four guinea pigs adopted from a shelter. :)

Jo Cheung said...

Very cute!!!!!

ejorpin said...

Ok, so confession time - I am not normally a fan of pugs! Gah! BUT I think Noodles is ADORABLE, and congrats to you both. And I'm so glad Noodles wanted to be my Facebook friend, I love hearing about his adventures in Hong Kong.

ps. kyliept : I so want some guinea pigs but I think my two dachshunds will eat them... I love the squeaky little noises guinea pigs make!

ejorpin said...
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Anonymous said...

So cute – and such a great name! Loving that he has his own facebook page!!


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