How do you store your necklaces?

I've been meaning to quickly mention this in the hope of some better suggestions but this is how I'm starting to organise the few necklaces I have in stock for transporting to craft shows etc.
Its works but there must be some genius idea out there somewhere! Any readers out there like to share how they store their pieces? pretty please?

I'm also having a BYE BYE sale right now on all greeting cards and character dolls because I'm discontinuing them so cards are only $2 USD / £1.25 / $15 HKD and the character dolls are all $7.75 usd / £5 / $60 HKD !


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Mine are quite robust and I literally throw them into various bubble envelopes or put them into a washing powder tablet box. They must be unfastened though. Otherwise they get tangled! It;s also wise to wrap them in some sort of plastic wrapper, as the metal can tarnish after while.

Littleclouds said...

I was hoping you would comment Rowan !!!
I did that and I spent AGES untangling it all, I didn't think about how it might of been easier unfastened, will jumble a few in a bag to see.

I didn't know about the tarnishing, what is it that makes it do that ? good tip tho!

Kim W. said...

wow thats a cool way to store your necklaces!! i have troubles on storing mine... i have no idea. i just put them into little baggies.

Littleclouds said...

Kim W
I can't take credit for it, someone suggested it to me and it works a treat, nothing tangles but bit annoying once you have a few bits in there!


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