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This is me at the craft fair I did recently, you can't really see me but I am behind that yellow wall bit with the umbrella! I didn't even know this photo was being taken !
It went well, sold a bunch of stuff, received money from a stockist and made some new connections for further stockists but it was soo hot that that alone sidelined everything so apologies to anyone who may of had to witness my grumpy face, it is usually quite friendly.

I've been up to quite a lot recently creatively, I've got lots of new products for the shop which are slowly getting listed.
I've been doing a large commission for someone, a set of custom character dolls for a big family and although I do draw I don't actually think I am very good at all so have always been hesitant to do custom work incase they turn out to hate it but I'm glad I accepted this one as I'm happy with the results actually, you can see some of the drawings here.
I've also been doing some drawings for a Hong Kong animal organisation and it is looking like I will have a small drawing published on a book so that has been exciting to say the least !
And through this pet organisation I'm participating in a promo pack so I've been busy sorting out new business cards for it which hasn't been simple grrrr!


ejorpin said...

oh, lots of exciting news there! I am really looking forward to seeing the family portrait dolls - that is such a cool idea, I might steal it and commission you to make some for me at some point (the hounds would have to be included)...

milk overdose said...

i wish there were more craft fairs in my city :/


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