Hola !

*blows the cobwebs away*

Wowieee has it really been 3 months since I last blogged?!
I can't say its because not much has been happening or that I've had nothing to write about, its probably more the opposite in not knowing where to start ! But as they say, better late than never....

So what have I been up to? ........ *drum roll*
  • I went to Japan and it was totally and utterly amazing (so amazing that I will dedicate a separate post to it another time)
  • Littleclouds has added 2 stockists ! The first being The Maisonette - Made in the Shade and the second I'd like to reveal a little later as it is yet to officially open but I can tell you I can't wait to see the photos of the launch as I just KNOW it will of been a job good done.
  • We quite abruptly decided to stay in Hong Kong! The reason is a combination of things but mostly because we're enjoying our time here and why the rush? I think we moved here on the idea that it would only be for 2 years that we never thought to just stop and ask ourselves what we want to do. This time around we're not setting ourselves any time limits or ideas, we're just going to see what happens...
  • We bought a flat ! Which is kind of the opposite of what we were planning 2 months before but since we knew we were staying for the immediate future and our rental lease was expiring we just thought might as well ! All you rentees will understand what I mean when I say how tiring and unsettling it is to rent! So we are so excited to have our own place! And paint our walls and to choose our own furniture. The flat is a bit small (tiny compared to UK standards...even compared to London!) but it is ours and we will have a balcony which means I can attempt to grow some herbs or veg!
  • A new website is coming! Its actually quite embarrassing how long this has been coming along but its my fault, I kept changing my mind about how I wanted it but its been churning along for a while now and its nearly complete.....I can almost taste the finish line!
  • I made a facebook page! I literally JUST now published it, it is here --> Littleclouds and I will be great for any likes (no one likes to see an empty fan page...especially me ha!)
  • And and and I'm pregnant ! well I'm not, I'm joking teehee! but that would of been funny if that were the case. Funny as in because everything appears to have happened at once, not because I find pregnancy a funny subject as it really isn't (I watched 'One Born Every Minute' its pretty much set me back another 5 years in the making-babies stakes....)

EDIT - I'm not pregnant, it was a joke!!! Sorry


Rowan said...

You're always bloody joking your preggo!

Great news on Maisonette I will have to hit them up sometime. Memo Helen Entwhistle said it's a good seller.

Can't believe it's been two years since you moved to HK... we have been tinterweb pals a long time!!

Very exciting times... x

Littleclouds said...

Rowan its because every time I tell me family/friends I have big news they always say 'omg your pregnant' so I was half-referencing that and also in my late night blogging, I couldn't think of anything else!

szekiu said...

welcome to join the mommy team!
just ask me anything if you hv questions!

lyptis said...

Ha you got me there, you little cheeky bitch!;)

Nearly fell off my chair! But you already got a baby im sure you spend all your time on. I will hope so. Great updates!


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