Shrinkles & whatnot

A batch of shrinkles! Quite please that they pretty much all came out fine bar 1 or 2 where they curled funny. I LOVE shrink plastic, it's SO clever!

Today aswell as gluing the broochbacks on these babies I WILL screenprint up some new designs & I WILL finish the fabric for my stall table!

Also check out my cash box, my boyfriend got me it, it's sooo cute!

Going to make a 'Comments' book too in the same stylee as my cashbook hehe I love little cute things like that, just makes me smile!


http://hav8.blog124.fc2.com said...

Very good......

Marian said...

I want a little cash box!!!!
I have no idea what shrink plastic is...

(left s comment bellow!)


Orjana said...

i like your shrinkles! i can never think of what to do with them :(


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