This week I WILL be holding the first Littleclouds stall

*cue the trumpets*

I have done similar things before in my youth but this time is more "proper" so there is a lot to be done still so I gotta get a-cracking.

I finally finished making my sign ---->

But I still like the 'old' one which is probably more professional as it's all shiny & plastic but it's so much smaller & maybe too flashy for me

A few have suggested using both but I thought this might be too much 'ME ME ME' in your face.... what to do!?


duff said...

Good luck with the blog.. and the stall!!

I Think I prefer the old 'more professional' sign, it's bolder and more attention grabbing but not in a bad way :)

scarlettcat said...

I'm not sure exactly what you'll be selling at the stall, but if it's similar to what's in your Etsy store, I'd go with the blue banner.

It just seems to 'fit' better with your items.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the new sign- how cute!

Marian said...

I like both actually. I think the only advantage I see on the older one is that in a stall somewhere probably crowded, the second one will stand out more, hence your name will be more visible.
The first one is super cute, crafty and probably took you some time to make, right?

I would take both and depending on the amount of people. place...I'd decide there what would be best for business.

good luck!!!!



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