Today I held my first proper market stall....

........and it wasn't great :(

I pretty much only just covered my table costs so felt a bit disheartened about it, I don't think it was my kind of crowd, mostly older adults who were looking for pretty jewellery or antiques, not a cushion with a rude bum sewn on it!

It was good practice though, from it I know that

♥ I didn't have enough stock
♥ I need a different way to display my cards as they were overlooked
♥ Need to create more depth with different heights & make use of the walls
♥ TURN UP EARLY to get a better pitch as I was late
♥ people like squishy things, draws them in
Must be friendlier next time

The last point is a bit of pickle. You see I am a friendly person, I just feel conscious that I'm being nice to get someone to buy something, ie false nice & I hate that. Also I personally don't like to be buttered up when I look at stuff, its what puts me off from even looking! But thats not to say I should do the opposite which is pretty much say nothing! However my last thought of this is - I figure that if someone likes something then they will buy it, they shouldn't need persuasion but apparently I'm naive in thinking this. Business is business I'm told.
Some good things did come out of it, the organiser personally asked me to come back on a weekend & to help offered cheaper pitch costs so that was nice but will see how that goes as although it is a great market, it might still be too familyesque for me, even on a weekend.
I did do some pretty cool drawings too, I think my drawing is coming on a bit.

Till next time


Ruth said...

Hi Little Clouds
Sounds like your first stall was valuable learning if not money making! It is often nice to get that one out of the way with a small number of people. I'm sure your next one will go much better. Good luck with it.


hello! Don't give up!! :)
And thank you so much for your sweet comment today. -Marichelle

KitschenSink said...

Hi Littleclouds

Yeah don't give up. It's probably the current economy that doesn't help, people don't have much to spend.
In terms of talking to people, I did a stall last year and found that if someone was showing interest, I'd quickly tell them what was unique about it... like 'I made the charms on these braclets so you won't find them anywhere else'. Smile, and then get on with something else so it doesn't appear as though you're waiting to see if they buy.

I'm not expert I have only done a couple :)

Good luck, Rowan

Selma said...

Hi Little Clouds

Sounds like you made an impression on the organiser AND you came away knowing what you could have done better, so it sounds like it was a positive experience.

Are you planning on doing any more stalls as I'd love to come and see your stuff in person?

Selma xxx

jstinson said...

Everyone has to go through a first show to know how to plan for the next one. It looks like you have fully analyzed your plan. I think your booth looks very sweet! Wish I had been there!


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