I do love to screenprint

Screenprinting is FUN! Everytime I lift up the screen & the print has come out well, you get this little feeling of 'YAY' inside & I find the more I print the better I become at it, which makes me worried about moving to Hong Kong next year as the only studio I can find isn't that great & is really expensive. I wish I could just take my home set up here over there :((((


Knitting Up North said...

I love this design - it's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

i feel the exact same way! and ur design is too cute~! great job!

leung said...

I discovered your art works thru etsy, by randomly typing "Hong Kong" (i'm originally from Hong Kong =) yay!) And I have to say you're such a great artist! I love most or even all of your art works! Keep up with your good work ^^ btw, i'm in the US right now. Wonder how come you moved to HK tho, just curious ^^

Littleclouds said...

Hi Leung,

I think I moved here because we just thought 'why not' as it was easy for us to do being that I have HKID card and because we wanted to do something different !
And thanks for the compliments! Now I'm wondering why you moved to the USA? :P


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