2 things

Firstly, Kelly from TheLostEarring is hosting a giveaway for me here to win the above airplane postie cards so go enter peeps!

Secondly I just looked at the calender and suddenly realised Christmas is 4 days away....thats insane !
Normally around this time of year I'd be at my parents, snuggled in my winter bear gear (snow boots, big binman-parka, PJs, hot tea) making decorations with my little sisters (last year we made a gigantic paper chain!) and basically stuffing my face so much I wouldn't have to eat all of January and maybe a bit of February.
This year I thought was going to suck and maybe I would have a little cry over the lack of tree, baubles, nice food and presents but my boyfriend is taking me away as my gift this year!
I'm so chuffed because we're going to Kuala Lumpar & Singapore, both countries I've never been to before, the catch is we are flying Christmas Eve at night time so we will be entering Christmas day in the air & that we're only away for a week but I'm just happy we are going away at all, hurrah for amazing boyfriends !

Hopefully we will find somewhere to have a nice traditional roast too!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful surprise! Lucky duck :P


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