Stuff I've been doing

So not having a job is pretty useful in doing random things that you've always wanted to do but you never had time or the energy too. ( I love it when I randomly rhyme, makes me feel like a poet / rapping gangster )

Project #1
A purse frame from a old purse that had fallen apart has been waiting to be experimented with for ages (like since the UK!) finally got made into something!
I used scrap fabrics, cotton canvas that had been badly printed on to experiment with and I actually quite like it like this because these type of purses are usually very prim and feminine so the mixture of rough fabric in this neat setting is like ying & yang. This is the tutorial I used to help me make it.

Project #2

I've always wanted to make a nice and neat fabric bow (to clip onto clothes, hair clip, bags etc) its so quick and easy !
Its basically just a strip of fabric sewn into a tube (turned inside out) then the ends got sewn together in a loop and you fold it a few times on top of each other to give it more oomph ( I also ironed on some stabliser to make it neater) then you put a strip in the middle bunching it up.

Project #3
I didn't have much canvas left but I was too excited to wait so only one of the below print exists right now, plan to make it into a big plushie / small pillow for the sofa.
Maybe I am biased because of who it is but I love it :D the only thing I would change is make the tongue bigger (more true to life) it is also my first attempt at a 3 colour screen print so seeing as this was the first print I'm pretty chuffed at my DIY home printing skillz.

I also printed it on 3 bits of kitchen paper for fun, I can't really keep it but can't bring myself to throw it away :(

Also have another screen ready to print which I'm happy about, I've really got my exposure times timed perfectly now, so much so that I'm confident enough to offer it as a service, you can go here for more info.)


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

OOoh great purse. And I am going to make LOTS of bows when I get my sewing machine!! Woo!!

Catalina said...

That purse looks great!

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, that little purse is delightful. It has a surprise inside!


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