Today I went to the post office....

.......and posted all this, I've never posted so much before and it seems like I wasn't the only one who was doing a mega post, every time I go there, there is always a few people with little mini trolleys or huge laundry bags taking forever because they're sending 50 parcels!
Tensions were so high today that a lady started having a go at me because I tutted at her, she seriously wanted to 'have it all out' or something, right there in a packed post office.
I couldn't hide my annoyance at her blocking me in with her fat trolley, I mean OKAY its easier for me to walk around you I get it but COME ON have some decency to at least look slightly apologetic instead of dead and cold inside!
So I just ignored her and that hopefully will be as near as I ever get to a fight in Hong Kong.

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