10th Photo story

I got tagged by Edwina Simone to do this photo chain thingy which was pretty fun, especially as it brings up such random photos you completely forgot about!

And the rules are as follows....

1. open your first photo folder

2. scroll to the tenth photo
3. post the photo and the story behind it
4. tag five or more people

This photo is from my 1st year of Uni when I was living with my boyfriend & a friend in London where our neighbours below was a betting shop and next door (to the right of the photo) was a gay pub (loud YMCA & Cyndi Lauper type music EVERY weekend amusing now but not at the time!)

Basically my friend quit his crappy retail job and begun a lifestyle of microwave instant noodles, take aways in his pants watching daytime telly (Nobody should watch Jermemy Kyle that often) SO my bf & I one day bored, thought it would be funny to make this sign of 'NEIL IS JOBLESS' hanging outside our flat to welcome him home one day thinking he would see the funny side of it (he did not) and maybe encourage him to start furiously looking for a job (he did not) and to think that was 5 years ago is a little scary.

Thankfully I am a little more mature and sophisticated than that now ;P

So now I'm tagging

Aisling Law
Lucy from Peas and Needles
Rowan from KitschenSink
Kelly from The Lost Earring
Elise of Argyle Whale

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's pretty goofy :) Bet he loved coming home to that.

I'll try to do the photo tag thing on Wed!


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