Ooohoohh I found out today that my pin cushion watch was one of the featured items in the Etsy Storque (their blog for non Etsians reading) and also my 10 things I love about you notepad was featured on this really nice blog called 'YouaremyFave' (cheerios Google Analytics)which you can see here, there are some really nice comments! and lastly I'm in 2 treasuries here & here go click and comment!

And and and and the most exciting thing of all is we fostered a dog the Sunday just gone and he is dozing under my chair right now as I type.
He is called Blinky which is funny because he only has 1 eye right now (some other dog gave him beats in the kennel) so we have to put the cone on him when he starts itching his bad eye because its all stitched up which I'm telling you is so funny to see aha!
They warned us that he was aggressive and possibly hard to handle because he bites or snarls when stressed which has been his state of mental being for the last 6 months (and he is only 1.5 years so a big chunk of his life) and they did offer us to foster another dog that was easier but we decided that if anything he needed more help to regain some sanity because no one is going to adopt a stressed & aggressive dog but hopefully with some love and comfort with us he will ease out of his more destructive behaviors.

Photos later !!


Louise said...

happy dog-fostering! I hope you can get him to be less mental with lots of love and stuff xx

the Lost Earring said...

You are sweet! Congrats on all your accomplishments ESPECIALLY the pooch :)

Anonymous said...

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