Monsters that melt butter

This little monster looks like butter wouldn't melt but believe me it does melt and I've seen it !
He is so so so sweet towards me but sometimes not so much to my bf which is actually really worrying because I don't know how I could be naturally loving toward him if he ever hurt him, so I am getting a book out on his breed later to try to calm his aggression down 5 notches, the fact that the book will undoubtedly have lots of pics of cute puppies is just a pure bonus.

If anyone reading is a dog owner I would love some tips on how to handle him. He snarls really aggressively at him at specific times like if Blinky is next to me on the sofa & the bf is anywhere near us he will stand up & snarl at him, same if I am already in bed & Blinky is on floor or on bed too he will go nuts if my bf even looks over towards us, what is that all about?


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

OMG he is soooo gorg!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll ask my sis about this. She's had an award-winning dog care business for almost 5 years now :) It might be something as simple as focusing on positive reinforcement--i.e. giving the little guy treats for good behavior.

Eva said...

Hello littleclouds.
I really enjoy your blog. Next time you sell stuff somewhere in HK let me know and I will buy things. :)

Catalina said...

This is really cute!!!


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