Seven Things....

'Seven little things' by elizabethtaylor

I've been tagged by Emily to reveal 7 things about myself (you can see the last 7 here!)
I actually quite like doing these things, quite narcissistic of me but my excuse is in person, I can be quite private about things and don't tell people stuff unless I'm asked so now I've been asked well....

1) I'm a gemini. I'm not really into astrology, I don't read my horoscope because I'm not sure I believe in the possibility of being alike to millions of others based on my birth date BUT I do share the 'gemini traits' of dual personality.
That probably sounds scary and erratic, I am not a crazy cat lady (maybe dog lady...) but I do feel like I'm trying to combine the thoughts and wants of 2 people sometimes which leads to lots of indecision and thinking and debating which for an impatient person can be a tad frustrating.
The significant other in my life (not Noodles although he is close) is also a gemini and so is one of my best friends....now that could be coincidence or is it? dum dum dummmmm !

2) I love love love dogs. I used to ask my dad like everyday for a dog but being a commitment phobe I held off adopting until recently and now I truly understand what people meant when they say their dog is a member of their family.

3) I rarely drink alcohol. I think its nearly been a year since I've touched any now that I think about it. There isn't any reason to it other than the fact I think it tastes mostly rank and that it is quite costly for the drinks I do like (spirits) which are pretty much 85% pop so I just get 100 pop instead.
I'd love to enjoy the taste of beer or wine, the IDEA of it is really nice but it tastes so bad !
Actually, I really like pear cider that IKEA makes but the IKEAs here only sell the non alcohol version for some reason. Maybe I just need to try more wine.

4) Twins and triplets are meant to run in my family. This prospect absolutely terrifies me.

5) I don't / can't wear heels. This makes me sadface a lot because being a shorty, heels would compensate a lot but they are so uncomfortable, I don't know how others do it. And asides from the comfort factor, they are really difficult to walk in without looking like a toddler and there is nothing less sexy than a girl who is waddling along like a toddler in discomfort.

6) I'm an atheist. I would like to believe in the idea of there being a god, a greater being and there being 'a plan' for us all and even a heaven but I just don't. I would rather believe in Santa and the Easter bunny than believe in a god that doesn't allow good people into his heaven simply for not being a member of his 'team'.

7) When I was little I wanted to be a 'pet doctor' but I was quite rubbish academically. Growing up, I mostly followed the artistic, creative path but knew I didn't want to be an artist, I found the exhibiting side of it too stressful and a bit too laardeedar if you know what I mean.
Through Uni I was gearing myself up for graphic design and illustration but in all honestly I don't think I'm any good at either.
I still don't really know what I am or what I want to be (but most people don't either I think so its okay right?) I just know I want to stay creative and not sit 9-5, 5 days a week doing a job I find unfulfilling for what feels like the rest of my life.
In conclusion, I still think being a 'pet doctor' must be the best job in the world!

Right to carry this on, I am tagging Lucy from Peas and Needles and Louise from SuperDuper because they are aces and talented folk but anyone reading is welcome to do this too, just remember to let me know so I can read it :D


Anonymous said...

really enjoyed reading this :) "a toddler in discomfort" - spot on, feel the same way. though i sometimes do it, despite the discomfort and ungracefulness of it. i just enjoy the clack-clack-here-i-go sound :)

ejorpin said...

Yay! So glad you did this, I also really enjoyed reading it.

I'm with you on astrology and god (though I'm probably more of a fence-sitter on that one, so hard for me to feel 100% certain about, well, anything!). But I am a heels addict. I never used to be but now I adore shoes with giant heels. Maybe it's a reaction to being a tom boy as a kid (I mean, I used to actually get mistaken for a boy. Not fun.)

ejorpin said...

And ps. how dare you say you don't think you're very good at design and illustration! I adore your style and wish I had even a tiny dollop of the creativity and skill that you do have!

peas and needles said...

thanks love, I have only just seen this... I love doing these things. I'll have a think and post tomorrow. xx

Pet Doctor sounds fun, maybe I could marry one :)

Littleclouds said...

Claracharlotte - I love the noise too and the way they look but they are so uncomfortable I don't know how others do it. Sometimes I even practice at home ! but to no success :S

Ejorpin - Thanks, sometimes I do think I'm ffaanytastic, others times I cringe in shame ha, its the gemini in me (I think).

Peas - oooh looking forward to it! Let me know when you've done it incase I miss it in my blog feed!


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