Exciting thing number 2

A while ago I mentioned about something 'exciting' on the pipeline for Littleclouds and now I can reveal it to be a new stocklist!

Tschau Tschuessi are based in Leipzig, Germany and for those who dabble in the German langage you can visit their site by clicking on the above logo.
For the rest of us, here is a photo of their shop, doesn't it look cool?
In addition to this already awesomeness for me they also submitted some of my postcards in an gallery of contemporary art in Leipzig, Germany, how cool is that! If you want to check my postcards in action you can spot them on their blog here. They are in the middle of the first photo, the postcards displayed are purple and green - can you see it?

1 comment:

KitschenSink said...

Big well done! The shop does look cool! Glad you are back blogging again!


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